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AD: The Happiest 5K, Color Run

Sponsored Post – All opinions are my very own. 

Are you a runner, a walker, a non-athletic person who loves to have fun?

This “race”, yes, THIS race is for YOU! 
Why is this run so perfect for EVERYONE? 
  1. No pace requirements
  2. No minimum / maximim age requirements
  3. No possible way to be involved in the event and NOT smile
  4. Two rules! 
    1. Whear white at the starting line
    2. Finish covered in color! 
Why do I love the Color Run? 
  • The goal of the Color Run is to promote healthy living! 
    • Not only for individuals but families! 
I’ve been very open and honest about my struggles with healthy living, and my weight. So, when I see a FUN run with the target of EVERYONE I get excited! I get excited because I strongly believe that working out and making healthy choices should be FUN!  The color run, my friends is exactly that -FUN! 

Does the Color Run come to my city? 

The 2013 Color Run is traveling to over 100 cities, so there is sure to be one near you! 
Check out the list of locations HERE
Last year I ran with my sister and husband in Tampa, IT WAS A BLAST! 
Aren’t you pregnant, is the color run safe for Baby? 
Yes, I am pregnant. 
As long as my physcian clears me to run/walk at the time of the run, there is no reason I cannot participate because there are no chemicals in the color! 
*For the safety of yourself and your child, if you are pregnant PLEASE be sure to check in with your physician prior to participating in this or any race!* 
As an ambassador for the Color Run do you have a discount you can share? 
Yes! Use the code COLOR5OFF for 5.00 off any upcoming race that is NOT sold out. 
This discount can only be used at the time of registration, it is not valid for those already registered for the color run. 
Check the list of Locations for a race near you! 

Still want to learn more? Be sure to check out the Color Run website

Question: Have you ever participated in the Color Run? – What do YOU love about the Color Run? 
*This is a sponsored post, I recieved two race registrations in exchange for this post. Although this is sponsored, the above opinions stated are my very own. *

The TUTU 10K, Key West Florida

On June 1st, my husband sister in law and I ran a Tutu 10K relay? Well, I never did a recap of the run because I wanted to wait until the news of Baby Jimenez was announced.

So, now that it’s announced. I will give you the long awaited recap!

Location: Key West, Florida.

Passing the TUTU!

Course: We began in a restaurant parking lot right on the beach mostly followed the water line and at a certain spot turned around.

Teams could be as big as you wanted, but it must contain 3 people.

The Experience:
At the time of the race, I was about 7 weeks pregnant. At that time, I was experiencing extreme fatigue and trying not to be moody (since no one knew I was expecting!) So, when the humidity was close to 100% and the temperature was not far behind I was NOT having a good run. Truth be told, if my sister in law hadn’t been with me for part of the run I probably would have cried during the run.

Now, MY experience was directly related to where I was in my life (a.k.a. trying to figure out how to share a body with a growing baby!)

The Tutu Relay experience was a blast! It was a small local race filled with lots of food (brought by volunteers) and free beer for runners at the end. I know a lot of runs have free beer at the end. However, this was different because it honestly felt like you were walking up to a pic-nic table of friends and sharing a beer. I didn’t drink a beer, but that was my sense of the experience.

It was an adorably fun run, and I loved sharing the experience with my family!

Baby Jimenez’ first Bling!