WDW Wednesday – Top 3 Rides in Epcot for 2 and Under

I love Epcot.

 Spaceship Earth

I love to walk around the World Showcase, I love to eat around the World Showcase, and some people even love to drink around the World Showcase. Typically it is considered to be a park for adults and it is, it really is, but don’t hesitate to bring your little ones to Epcot. There is plenty of fun things for them to do.

For example, in each country there is a Kid-Cot Fun Stop. Basically, there will be a cast member there with a craft for your kids to complete (for  free). We have only done it with our daughter in the Mexico pavilion, but it is something I always keep in mind when we go to Epcot. It can be a great activity for your kids to do if it’s particularly busy that day.

This post is to talk more about the rides my two girls (2 and 9 months) have been loving lately!

Number 3.

Spaceship Earth.
This slow moving ride is perfect for your young family. When you first enter the ride you will answer a few questions on a screen and have your picture taken, then you will ride through the “big ball” and learn about the history of communication.

At the end of the ride your picture is used to show you a cute and sometimes funny video.

Both my girls really enjoy this ride, even though it can be pretty dark during some parts of the ride. Our family of 4 can fit into one cart, but we typically split into two carts.

Number 2.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

If you love Finding Nemo, you will enjoy this ride. This is another slow moving ride that loosely follows the Finding Nemo story and at the end plays a catchy song.

We squeeze our family of 4 on one cart for this ride and enjoy watching our girls clap and point at all the “fishies”.

Number 1.

Gran Fiesta Tour Featuring the Three Caballeros

Our two year old LOVES Donald Duck (and Daisy). Our number 1 must do ride when she is with us at Epcot is the boat ride in the Mexican Pavilion. It’s kind of a hidden gem, because when you walk into the pavilion it looks like several shops and a restaurant. Keep going! There is an adorable boat ride, fun for the whole family!

Little Lady’s 1st Ride (May 2014)

So there you have it, our little lady’s top ride picks for Epcot!

Question of the day: Have you ever been to Epcot?

May 2014

Top 3 Magic Kingdom Rides – 2 and Under

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