5 Selfies to take inside the Magic Kingdom

In an age of independence, we have traded in our high-quality photos for the perfect selfie… I believe the girls over at Whats up Moms, did the best parody of this concept.

Since I am known to take a few (too many) selfies to share on Social Media, I thought i’d give my top 5 selfies to take while inside the Magic Kingdom. Please note, you are not permitted to use a selfie stick on Disney property, so be sure to leave those at home. 
SELFIE #1 – Transportation
On your transport of choice to the Magic Kingdom. On the bus, the boat or the highway in the sky, take that selfie! 
SELFIE # 2 – Favorite Ride! 
My favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom is Space Mountain. Since I had three babies in three years, I wasn’t able to ride it for quite a while, SO when I was finally able to ride it again – you better believe I took a selfie! 
SELFIE # 3 – The Indian on Mainstreet
As far back as I can remember, I’ve been taking photos with and of the Indian on Mainstreet USA. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to look up the reason for the 2 Indians inside The Magic Kingdom. When MK first opened, this statue was placed outside of the two locations you could purchase Tobacco. In the year 2,000 The Walt Disney Company stopped selling Tobacco inside Magic Kingdom Park, but the statues have remained as part of the charm on Mainstreet USA. 
SELFIE 4 – Your Crew! 
Each time you go to Disney it is potentially with a different Disney crew take a selfie with your crew to capture the memories from that specific day! 
SELFIE 5 – The Castle 
This photo was taken during the 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon. (Read about the race here

If you are still in the mood to take some selfies, head on over to the Purple Wall and take a selfie! Join the 25,000+ other photos on Instagram with the Hashtag of #purplewall

What are YOUR favorite selfies to take inside
Magic Kingdom? 
Are you a Disney Mom, or Disney Blogger? 

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