3 Things I wish I knew before flying to Malaysia

You’ve seen the Batu Caves on the Amazing Race, perhaps you’ve dreamed of climbing all 272 steps to the top and now you are booking a flight to Malaysia! Here are Three Things I wish I knew before flying to Malaysia.

Lesson 1: Pesticide spray upon landing?

Before leaving for Malaysia, my husband and I had about 30-45 minutes of sleep. I’m typically NOT a last-minute packer, but for this trip… I was. Our flight path was Fort Lauderdale to New York, New York to Qatar, Qatar to Malaysia. The total travel time was close to thirty hours. So, by the time we landed in Malaysia we were exhausted!

I woke up to an announcement that they would be spraying the cabin with a spray with pesticide prior to descent into the airport. 😳 A few minutes later, the crew walked up and down the aisle with cans of pesticide. This was a completely new experience for me, but upon researching it when we arrived I learned that it was something typical for this airport.

This is done in accordance with International Health Regulations to prevent an epidemic. It is a mix of bug spray and disinfectant spray. I was thankful to be sitting in a middle seat so I didn’t get too much of it on me; but honestly. It didn’t have a strong smell. It was just such a new experience for me.

Lesson 2: Hot Water with Dinner?

After a long hot day of exploring and walking through Malaysia, we made our way to The Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. When we arrived we ordered water. Our waiter confirmed several times with us and then brought us our water. Upon receipt of our large cup of boiled water, we realized just why our waiter wanted to confirm with us so many times.

It is common practice for Asians to drink warm water. This is for digestion and the release of toxins. So, if you are heading to an Asian country and prefer cold water at a restaurant you might want to ask for a bottle of water. 😉

Lesson 3: Budget-Friendly

When traveling to Malaysia from the United States your flight will easily be the most expensive part of your budget. When we first began looking at flights we were able to find them for less than $1,000 per ticket. Unfortunately, we delayed and ended up paying close to $1,500 per ticket 😒.

However, once you arrive you will find the accommodations, transportation, food, and experiences to be very affordable. We were in Malaysia for a conference that was being hosted in the Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar. Our room included a daily breakfast, and the entire week (7 nights) in an executive suite was less than $900 USD. If we had been traveling through Malaysia on our own and not for work. We would have most likely chosen an airBNB*. These type of accommodations are readily available for as little as $17-30 USD per night at some epic locations. With markets and restaurants all throughout the city and a Starbucks at almost every turn, an Airbnb would be a great idea to save even more money on your trip.


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