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The kids are back to school and our stores are being filled with a mixture of Halloween and Christmas all at once. It’s glorious, isn’t it? Our oldest daughter simply loves Halloween, and since we are a Disney family we like to create our Disney inspired costumes for CHEAP!

Featured in this blog post you will find how we put together our costumes for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party on a tiny budget.

The Easiest Halloween Costume Hack EVER

Let’s start with the EASIEST way to create a costume. Are you ready? Use items you already own. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the fun and excitement of shopping, but oftentimes you can create a Disney inspired Halloween Costume with items you already own. Using this technique my husband put together his Thomas O’Malley costume for FREE!

Thomas O’Malley | FREE COSTUME

When bounding for Disney; especially for an event like the Halloween Party, you will want to stick to the prominent colors of the character. Thomas O’Malley is an Orange Alley Cat with a white belly and feet. His simple color scheme made creating his costume easy. My husband does have an orange shirt, but opted for comfort and went with the button-down plaid shirt and a moisture-wicking shirt underneath to keep him cool.

DIY | Do it Yourself

The Marie Costume was so much fun to put together. With just a few items from the craft store and an inexpensive dress from Walmart, we created a beautiful dress that was completely recognizable as Marie. The entire costume was put together for about $12.00!

Marie Costume | Under $15.00

To create the Marie costume; I first purchased a white t-shirt dress from Walmart. It was on sale for $7.97 when I purchased it. The brand is “Wonder Nation”.

Next, I purchased the pink tulle from Joanne Fabric ($2.97 for the roll). To create the bow, I wrapped the tulle around a DVD box about 3 times. Then I pinched the center and wrapped another piece of tulle around the middle to create the bow. It was almost too easy for how perfect it looked!

To finish the look; we added a pink bow to cat ear headband that we purchased at 5 Below.

Be a “Prime Mom”

If DIY isn’t really your thing; that’s totally fine! My original plan for the dutchess costume was to find a white shirt to wear with my white sparkle skirt*. [The one I’ve used for several other Disney inspired costumes] However; when my daughter’s Marie costume started looking so cute, I jumped on Amazon and ordered this dress* last minute. It was AMAZING!! The material is 95% spandex and 5% cotton. This made it breathable, stretchy and comfortable. While on Amazon be sure to pick up some Cat Ears*. It completes the look, and there are so many choices online for very reasonably priced.

If you are going to be a “Prime Mom”

Remember to purchase clothing you would actually wear again. I am a firm believer in only purchasing items you absolutely love and would wear again and again. Although a white dress isn’t my first choice, I can already see myself wearing it again for some star wars Disney Bounds, anniversary dinners and perhaps Easter at church. Don’t just purchase a dress for one day; make sure you are buying an item you love.

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