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It may be the back-to-school season, but there are still many great FREE things to do with your family before we all head back to school. History Miami Museum introduced the Summer Passport program for all children to have access to their museum!

About the Program

The program gives children in Miami-Dade access to the History Miami Museum until August 18, 2019. Not only are the children offered free admission, but up to 4 adults per child are also granted admission as well. I spoke with several people at the museum when we were there, and each of them gave rave reviews of the success of the program.

How to get your passport

Obtaining your passport is quick and easy. Just make your way to the museum, and passports are given at the ticket center. If you visit the museum at least 4 times you will receive a special prize.

If you’ve missed the passport promotion you can still access the museum for FREE once a month on their “Family Fun” days. Typically on the third Saturday of the month, but be sure to check the website for details.

About the Museum

The History Miami Museum is located just off of the Government Center stop from the Miami Metrorail. It was founded in 1940 but in 2011 it became accredited by the Smithsonian (read the full history here). There are two levels to this museum and each section is filled with amazing fossils and artifacts. There are engaging opportunities for children young and old throughout each exhibit. Young children will love to dress up and play, and the older ones will enjoy the scavenger hunt through the exhibits.

A museum in and of itself is an educational experience. However, the History Miami Museum has educational booklets available for children to use and bring the experience home as well. The books are available in three languages (English, Spanish & Creole). Inside each book, you will find a coloring page, scavenger hunt, and information on identifying the artifacts throughout the museum. (HOMESCHOOL MOM’S, where are you at? You know you love a great free workbook! )

Age-Appropriate for Young Children?

In my personal opinion, learning has no age and the earlier we start sharing museums and how to behave in them the better. You will need to use your discretion on what to read to your young ones, or perhaps move a little quicker through. However, I would always encourage you to let your children guide you and be open to conversations. You’d be amazed at the conversations you can have about history.

HOMESCHOOL MOMS, This is a great spot to take your 4th graders! It’s a unique experience as it focuses not only on Florida History but South Florida.

Stroller Friendly?

Yes. This museum is stroller friendly, but it’s not very large and with all the activities you might prefer to go stroller free.

Tips for Introducing Children to Museums.

I mentioned earlier that it’s important to introduce children how to behave at a museum from a young age. Here are a few things I remind my children when entering a museum.

LOOK FIRST. Sometimes museums will have hands-on experiences for children. However, not ALL exhibits are meant to be handled. We like to remind our girls to look first and if mommy says it’s okay – then you can touch it.

Hands behind your back. We have found that this helps relieve some of the temptation to lean on an exhibit and touch something you shouldn’t.


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