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My Minimalistic Diaper Bag Journey

If you want to skip out on my journey and just get the minimalism scroll down towards the end.😉 

I have a mom friend who is always pouring words of love and kindness into my life. She is a fellow mom of three (under three) and has always been nothing but kind to me. (Love you, Jen!) One of the things she always encourages me with is my ability to get everything I need for my girls into one backpack.

Today I am going to share a little bit about my journey to a more minimalistic approach to diaper bags, and give love and encouragement to all you amazing mommy’s out there just trying to figure out what you should take with you!

DIAPER BAG| First Baby

With my first baby, I carried a large diaper bag. It was always full and pretty heavy. My oldest daughter had severe acid reflux, so I definitely have no regrets with the number of clothes, burp cloths, and blankets that I would bring. However, if I had to pack the bag over again as a new mom, I’d probably leave out the full and complete first aid kit complete with thermometer, tylonal and other baby medications – unless I was going to be out when she needed her reflux medication.

DIAPER BAG | Second Baby

When my second daughter was born; and I had a 14 month old toddler to chase I began the journey towards a “hands free” diaper bag. I never quite found the perfect diaper backpack, because at the time they were fairly new on the market and didn’t seem to be comfortable. So, I settled for my husbands college Puma backpack. We literally used this bag until it fell into pieces.


Now that I’ve taken you down a little journey; here are my essentials for on the go with my girls. First things first, you simply MUST have a comfortable bag. I bag of choice is a backpack. I prefer a backpack because I am working really hard on my posture and I find that I tend to slouch more when I use a shoulder bag or cross-body. However, if backpacks aren’t your thing, grab an awesome bag that YOU love!

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My Essentials

Not included in the bag, but always with us would be our water bottles. My favorite bottles are these camelbak water bottles; and I am usually able to find great deals on them at places like Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls and TJMaxx.

What are your essentials?

Let’s chat about your diaper bag journey? Did you start a minimalist or are you also a recovering over-packer? I’d love to connect with you!

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