TRANSFORM 20 | Review & My Results

Full disclosure, I am not a Beach Body Coach. These are my genuine thoughts and results from the Transform 20 program. If you are interested in purchasing the program, I can direct you to some friends who are affiliated with Beach Body.


Transform 20 was developed by Fitness Trainer Shaun T. One thing I’ve noticed about Shaun T’s programs, is that he works hard to create programs that are efficient. He does a variety of types of programs, but the Transform 20 is the shortest time commitment per day and the results are great!

Transform 20 has three levels

  1. Commit (2 weeks)
  2. Climb (2 weeks)
  3. Conquer (2 weeks)

Each day you will have a 20 minute workout, with a warm up three “transformers” and a cool down. Each day you track your transformers and at the end of the program you will be amazed at how far you can succeed.

My Personal Results

I’ve decided to break this down into two parts. The first being visual and scale victories and the second being non-scale victories.

Scale and Measurements

The bad news is, the scale went up. During this program, I did my best to stick with the eating plan but the fact is I could have done better and the scale showed that. So, I went up by 2 lbs.

Even though I gained 2 lbs throughout this program, I lost 1.5 inches.

So, I call it a win.

Non-Scale Measurements

My non-scale victories for this program far outweighed the disappointment of gaining 2 pounds. At the end of this program, I felt so strong. I felt physically strong as well as mentally strong.

5 Reasons I loved it (from a Mom’s perspective)

  1. Only 20 minutes
  2. QUICK transitions
  3. No equipment needed for beginners
  4. Built in rest day
  5. FUN

Since the program is only 20 minutes, you can put on an episode of Paw Patrol and get to work. Before the episode is done, you are already cooling off. This is PERFECT for mom’s with little ones.

I also loved that I didn’t need any equipment. No equipment means no set up and no clean up.

If Paw Patrol isn’t capturing the attention of your kids, let them join you! My girls fell in love with the high-energy of the program and we truly had fun doing it together.

When do you workout?

When do you like to workout? I like to workout in the morning. After my workouts I always like to check in on Instagram – are we friends?

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