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Where to find affordable custom Jewelry!

I’ve been a loyal Etsy shopper for many years, in fact, it is one of the first places I go when looking for a custom piece. I love the idea of Etsy, I like to think of it as going to a craft show in my PJ’s. I get to support families and small businesses without leaving the comfort of my own home. 

About a month ago I ordered my first custom piece from the Etsy Shop #CajunKeepsakes and OH.M.GOODNESS! Kelli is amazing! Not only are her pieces beautifully done, but she is so assessable on Instagram that you can work with her so effortlessly to get anything you want hand stamped onto the piece of your choice. 

Cajun Keepsakes opened in April of 2016 and has made over 1200 sales on Etsy! She is a hard-working wife and mom. She opened her shop to create beautiful pieces specifically for moms to keep a little piece of their babies close to their heart, and in turn make some money to provide for her son. 

As a mom of the three most incredible girls in the world, I so appreciate the inspiration and motivation of her shop. 

I am so excited to be working with Kelli for the next three months to share all the unique and affordable pieces she has to offer. Her pieces are all so affordable, with pieces ranging from as little as $3.00 – $15.00! In addition to her amazingly affordable prices, she has given the readers of a discount code to use! 

The code expires 4/26/18 and is good for 10% off the purchase of 5.00 or more. 


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This particular piece is part of her Valentines Day Collection and is currently sold out, but she does have some other great costume key chains and necklaces! Be sure to order by Feb. 1st!

How to stay warm before a race at Disney

Marathon Weekend 2018 was once again a very cold one at Walt Disney World, and my sweet friend spent the week before the race running around grabbing the most epic layers to keep us warm before the race.

So how does one dress when it is in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s at the start of the race?

Beautiful, crazy layers! 

Being a Miami girl, I was pretty cold for more of the race, so I kept almost all my layers for 14 miles and then eventually had to ditch them.

Where to buy layers?
We found all our layers at Walmart for less than $10.00, and let me tell you, it was worth every penny!
What happens to the layers after you toss them?
RunDisney gathers the layers and donates them to local charities.  
Do you toss all your layers? 
No, I always keep my hat and gloves. 
I stuff them into an elastic on my running belt and keep them for the next race. 

Are you a Disney Mom or Disney Blogger?


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Should I take my Preschooler to Hollywood Studios?

Hollywood Studios is currently going through some major changes and with the new Toy Story section scheduled to open in the summer of 2018 and the new Star Wars land opening in 2019 you might question if you should even take your young family to Hollywood Studios at all.

Here are a few things to consider when planning your trip to Walt Disney World.

  1. Does someone in my party love all things Star Wars?
  2. Do my children like to meet the characters? 
  3. Do we enjoy watching live-action shows? 
  4. Any thrill-seeking adults in the party? 

If you answered yes to most of the questions, you probably want to consider adding a day HWS and here is why.

Star Wars

  • The Star Wars Launch Bay is a unique place in Hollywood Studios to see movie replica’s, meet star wars specific characters, and interact with Storm Troopers. 
  • Captain Phasma leads the March of the First Order through Hollywood Studios on the hour for most of the day
  • Star Wars Specific shows on the main stage, and ending the night with the Galaxy in the Stars fireworks show
  • Star Tours Ride, height requirement of 40 inches
  • Jedi Training Academy
    • Ages 4-12
    • Must register for this activity, registration is limited (information here
Unique Characters
At Hollywood Studios, there are lots of characters at Hollywood Studios both in secret, not published locations, and proper meet and greet locations. 
In Hollywood Studios, you can expect to see in a proper meet in greet:
  • Disney Junior Characters
    • Sophia the First
    • Jake the Neverland Pirate
    • Doc McStuffins
  • Fab-Five
    • Sorcerer Mickey 
    • Red Carpet Minnie
    • Pluto
  • Star Wars 
    • Chewbacca
    • Kylo Ren
    • BB-8
  • Olaf 
  • Pixar
    • Buzz and Woody
    • Cruz Remirez
In pop-up locations I’ve  seen the following characters:
  • Chip & Dale
  • Goofy
Live-Action Shows

The shows at Hollywood Studios are a lot of fun, some of our family favorites include:
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Disney Junior
  • Indiana Jones 
Thrill Rides
If there are thrill-seekers in your party, you won’t want to skip Hollywood Studios. HWS is home of my favorite roller coaster, (Rock’n Roller Coaster) and the fabulous Hollywood Tour Hotel’s Tower of Terror. 
Be sure to ask a cast member about rider swap for the thrill rides. 
Perhaps it is because Hollywood Studios is where my husband asked me to be his wife 10 years ago, but I love the theme park so much and feel it is worth considering when planning your trip to Disney.

Shop for your Disney Trip!* Twice Upon a Year – Up to 75% off when you take an extra 25% off! Code: EXTRA25. Valid 1/26/18-1/28/18. Some Restrictions Apply.

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5 Selfies to take inside the Magic Kingdom

Let’s Take a Selfie!

In an age of independence, we have traded in our high-quality photos for the perfect selfie… I love the way the girls over at What’s up Mom’s captured this concept in thier “Livin’ for the Share” parody.

Since I am known to take a few (too many) selfies to share on Social Media, I thought i’d give my top 5 selfies to take while inside the Magic Kingdom. Please note, you are not permitted to use a selfie stick on Disney property, so be sure to leave those at home.

SELFIE #1 – Transportation

On your transport of choice to the Magic Kingdom. Do you take the bus to the Magic Kingdom? Perhaps you ride on the Highway in the Sky? Maybe the boat?
No matter how to enter the Magic Kingdom, take a selfie! Capture the excitement of your crew as you approach the happiest place on earth!

SELFIE # 2 – Favorite Ride!

My favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom is Space Mountain. Since I had three babies in three years, I wasn’t able to ride it for quite a while. As soon as I was finally able to ride it again, I took that selfie! Sadly it’s a little blurry because of the low-lighting inside the ride. It’s still one of my favorite selfies i’ve ever taken in Magic Kingdom though!

Follow my Disney Bestie for adorable Disney Bounds! 

SELFIE # 3 – The Indian on Mainstreet

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been taking photos with and of the Indian on Mainstreet USA. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to look up the reason for the 2 Indians inside The Magic Kingdom. When the Magic Kingdom first opened, this statue was placed outside of the two locations you could purchase Tobacco. In the year 2,000 The Walt Disney Company stopped selling Tobacco inside Magic Kingdom Park, but the statues have remained as part of the charm on Mainstreet USA.

SELFIE 4 – Your Crew!

Each time you go to Disney it is potentially with a different Disney crew take a selfie with your crew to capture the memories from that specific day!
This is the day our daughters all got thier first haircuts on Mainstreet USA! Such an adorable and fun experience for kids! Read all about the Harmony Barbarshop and what to expect here! 

SELFIE 5 – The Castle

This photo was taken during the 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon. (Read about the race here)

@StorybookErin on instagram! If you are still in the mood to take some selfies, head on over to the Purple Wall and take a selfie! Join the 25,000+ other photos on Instagram with the Hashtag of #purplewall

*Edit: The Purple Wall just got a new paint job, totally gives me Spaceship Earth Vibes. Anyone else?

What are YOUR favorite selfies to take inside
Magic Kingdom? 
Are you a Disney Fan or Blogger? 

Authentic Mexican Food in Epcot: San Angel Inn Restaurante

Every Disney Fan has a bucket list of their own, maybe it’s to stay in the Grand Floridian and watch the fireworks from your balcony in your pj’s, perhaps it’s eating around the world in Epcot. One of my bucket list items was to eat at the San Angel Inn Restaurante at Epcot, and after the 2018 Disney Marathon, my husband treated me to lunch there. 

The San Angel Inn is considered a hidden gem of Epcot, simply because it is located inside the Mexican Pavilion, beyond all the little shops right next to the Three Caballeros  Gran Fiesta Tour. This restaurant has been on my bucket list for quite some time simply because the Mexican Pavilion is one of my favorite pavilions in the World Showcase, and every time I ride the “Donald Duck” ride, I am curious about what it’d be like to eat at the restaurant that you see from the ride. 

The Ambiance

As you approach the reservation desk at this restaurant, you will notice a unique charm. Even though you are inside a building, the atmosphere is as if you are dining outside on a cool evening in Mexico. The lights a dim, and the vibe is very relaxed. 

Due to the dim lights, this is not a restaurant I would take my young family too. It is more of a date-night, or adults only Disney trip type of restaurant. 

The Food

The food was very good, and the portions were large. My husband and I ordered 1 appetizer and one meal to share, and we still had plenty of leftovers. This is also a Gluten Free and Vegan-Friendly option, you just have to request a menu from your server. 

We ordered:

Combinación Mexicana

  • Braised short rib with a chile pasilla sauce over poblano-corn rajas | Enchiladas Verdes de Pollo with corn tortilla-stuffed with pulled chicken topped with melted Chihuahua cheese, queso fresco, and crema Mexicana | Chile Poblano stuffed with black beans and queso Chihuahua with chipotle-tomato sauce

Tostadas de Pollo

Crispy corn tortilla smothered with black beans and topped with chipotle chicken. Garnished with crema Mexicana and queso fresco, avocado, and tomatillo sauce

Blood Orange Margarita 

Tequila, orange liqueur, sweet-tart mix of blood orange juice topped with wildberry foam on the rocks with Tajin chili powder rim
Blood Orange Margarita 

I wasn’t exactly a fan of the Margarita, but I wasn’t surprised about that because I very rarely drink any alcohol. 

The Tostadas de Pollo was absolutely delicious, very fresh and tasty.

The combination platter was also very good, I really enjoyed the ribs – they really had a nice spice to them! 

The Cost
In all honesty, I felt this restaurant was a little over-priced for what the food is. 
Yes, the food was delicious.
Yes, the ambiance was everything I thought it’d be. 
Unfortunately, I just felt like I would have been just as happy at the Taco Stand just outside the Pavilion. 

If this restaurant is on your bucket list, or you are looking for a place to escape the Florida heat in the summertime, you might want to check it out. But, if you just want to satisfy a craving for some great Mexican food without breaking the bank, you might want to check out La Cantina de San Angel (Menu) It is the quick service stand located right across from the Pavilion. I craved their nachos so much during my third pregnancy! 😉 
Heading into my favorite Pavilion!

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Is Robert is Here really the Disney World of Fruit Stands?

After your visit to the Everglades National Park in Homestead, you are not going to want to miss Robert is Here.  Located not too far from the entrance to the park you will find a pretty hoppin’ fruit stand.

Yes, you read that right. A “hoppin’ fruit stand”. The Palm Beach Post refers to this fruit stand as “The Disney World of fruit stands” and after spending a few hours there with my family, I have to say I completely agree!

A Brief History of Robert is Here
Robert is Here is a family-owned fruit stand that has been around for over 50 years. In the early days, it was a young man with a desire to sell a few fruits and vegetables that has grown into a premier destination in South Florida.

A destination perfect for families, couples, or friends. You can read more about the history of Robert and his family in his biography, it is certainly going on my list of books to read!

Location and Operating Hours 

8:00a – 7:00p
Closed: Thanksgiving and Christmas Day
Easter Sunday 1p-7p

19200 SW 344 Street
Homestead, FL 33034

So what makes this place so MAGICAL and why should I take a trip to Homestead to check it out?

I visited Robert is here with my family on a Saturday evening, about 5 o’clock, and here are some things I experienced, and memories made… 
There were cars parked everywhere.
Live Music blasting. 
Families laughing.
Children playing. 
Robert serving guests, answering questions. 
An entire fruit stand of strangers singing happy birthday, because Robert asked us too. 
There were smiles and giggles, and memories being made all around me. 
Photos lined the walls of the fruit stand. 
The best and most unique milkshakes I’d ever tasted being served. 
Fresh Fruit.
Fresh Vegetables. 
A Splash Pad.
Play area.
Picnic Tables. 
Petting Zoo. 
There were people collecting Memories, 
not things and it was beautiful. 
The Palm Beach post got it right when they compared this place to the Happiest Place on Earth. The next time you visit South Florida, take a trip down to Homestead and have a milkshake with Robert and his family, you won’t be sorry. 

What to do in the Everglades with Children

Well, we survived our first Camping trip with the girls

After a cup of coffee and some lunch at a nearby Burger King, we headed home. 
We’d been home for roughly 5-minutes before my husband announces that 
we are going to the Everglades! 
So, we packed a lunch box, grabbed some water and headed over to the Everglades National Park. Back in May, when we visited Shark Valley, we became pass holders for the Everglades National Park, but due to Hurricane Irma, we hadn’t had an opportunity to go visit. 
The Ernest F. Coe visitor center is located all the way down in Florida City, and can be accessed by taking the Florida Turnpike south until it merges with US 1. Once it merges with US 1 turn right onto Palm Drive (344th street) and follow the signs to the park.  
Address:40001 State Road 9336, Homestead FL, 33034 
Contact Number: 305-242-7700 
Once you arrive at the Visitor Center, be sure to take your time walking through the exhibits as there are special collections that rotate and other educational opportunities! You will also want to get your Visitor Center Stamp and talk to the Park Ranger about becoming a Jr. Ranger
We asked the Park Ranger to recommend a couple of trails for our family to explore, and then headed out for an adventure! 
Since we were arriving at the park in the late afternoon, the park ranger recommended two trails for our family to explore, both trails were paved and had plenty of animals for the girls to see. 
The first trail we explore was the Gumbo Limbo  Trail. This trail was a little less than a mile and completely paved, perfect for even the smallest of travelers. We didn’t see very many animals on this trail, but it was full of beautiful trees, and the girls really enjoyed it! 
What is a Gumbo Limbo? 
A tree! 
Native to South Florida, this tree is known as the “tourist” tree because of its red bark that can appear to look like peeled sun-burned skin. 
The second trail we explored was the Anhinga Trail.  Located right next to the Gumbo Limbo Trail, this short trail was a combination of both boardwalk and pavement. While exploring this trail, we got face-to-face with an Alligator and even got the chance to see some baby gators. 
Another fun thing to do is the FREE trolley ride, every weekend until April 29 in 2018 you can ride a trolley. The city of Homestead has created a program to offer free public transportation to Everglades and Biscayne national parks with its “Gateway to Everglades and Biscayne National Parks”.  This is the first of it’s kind, and a great way to see National parks in one day! 
For More Information Call: (305)224-4457
Food is limited in the Everglades National Park, and guests are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch, and if your kids are anything like mine, they are going to build up a pretty big appetite so you might want to pack some extra snacks.  😉  
Add caption
The Florida Everglades covers over 1.5 million acres of land and stretches over 3 counties. These parks are certainly ones you will want to explore again and again! 


Did I meet my goal at the 2018 Disney Marathon?

If you’ve been on Instagram for 1/2 a second, you most likely saw too many a few photos from the 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon! Today, I’m going to share photos from all along the course.
**SPOILER ALERT** I had so much fun at the WDW Marathon, and can’t wait to run it again!

The Course! 

Bundled up at the Start! 

Twinning is Winning! 

Miles 1-3

The first 5k really seemed to fly by, I started the race with my friend Stephanie and we were sticking to a run-walk interval of 30/30.

Stephanie and I parted ways just after the ticket and transportation center (between mile 3 and 4) because she needed to use the bathroom. 

Miles 4-7
Here is where we enter into the Magic Kingdom, I wanted to run with my friend and I was doing pretty well with my timing so when I saw some short lines of characters, I decided to get some fun photos! 

Running from the sweepers! 

The third *evil* step sister 😉 

 Miles 7-12

I saw my chEAR squad at the Grand Floridian, got a hug from my husband and kept on running. I had take my sweet time through the Magic Kingdom and knew I needed to make up some time while the weather was still cool and I was feeling good.

My daughters have recently been obsessed with Mary Poppins, so a photo with the Penguins was a MUST DO for me!

I actually kind of enjoyed this section of the course and even had negative splits! Around mile 8 I saw my friend Stephanie, and felt relieved that she was still in this! 
Miles 13-14
Animal Kingdom, … I started to get emotional at this point in the race. I had been feeling SO great during the first half of the race, but now I was getting nervous. I hadn’t heard from my friend in a while, I was starting to get nervous for her sake. I didn’t want her to get swept, I didn’t want to get swept. 
Another hug from my husband and a tissue from my sister and I was on my way to ESPN, Wide World of Sports! 
It was in Animal Kingdom that I had to finally ditch my blanket. I used the restroom and just couldn’t get it tied back on me comfortably, so on trashcan just outside of the Finding Nemo Show, I left my fabulous tie dye blanket. 

Miles 14-18

After a clif bar and a hug, I was ready to head back out to Osceola Parkway for the long stretch to ESPN, Wide World of Sports.

Miles 18-20

ESPN… Oh, ESPN… I didn’t remember it being this awful. Perhaps its because in 2015 when I ran the Goofy Challenge my sisters were chEARing for me in the parking lot… perhaps it is because there was a huge crowd of people, I don’t know but RunDisney… You NEED to get some more support on this section of the course. – Seriously, hear our plea…

When I made it to ESPN, it was pretty evident that I was towards the back of the pack. I hadn’t heard from Stephanie in a LONG time, and the sun was out and the winds were up. I was a weird combination of hot, cold and just plain miserable. With views of construction, direct sun, high winds and essentially zero cheering zones, I was one hot mess.

 Miles 20-23

Just leaving ESPN, I found myself amidst the 7-hour pace group. The Walt Disney Marathon has a time limit and you are required to maintain a 16-minute mile, or else you are at risk of being swept. So, when I saw that Jeff Galloway Pacer holding a 7-hour sign, I latched onto the group and with everything I had in me stuck with the intervals.

At one point I confirmed with another runner when we were safe from being swept because I was so scared I was going to end up on the “Parade Bus”.

I didn’t take photos during this time, I was focused on sticking to the intervals and not getting swept.

Mile 23-24

Finally made it into Hollywood Studios, where we were handed Halloween Candy… (Um, seriously RunDisney? Candy Corn M&M’s?  – No thanks). I stuffed the Candy Corn M&M’s in my bra and grabbed plain M&M’s down a little further and tried to relax a bit since I was almost beyond all the sweeper busses!

“There you are”

I hear from the crowd at Mile 24, I look up and see Chris searching the crowd desperate to find me. I smiled a little brighter after seeing him there and started to make my way towards the finish line. I knew he’d never make it to the finish line to see me, so I made the decision to soak everything in. 
I would stop for any photo I wanted, and venture off course to find a snack to eat at the finish line. I worked hard for this moment, and I wanted to enjoy it! 

Miles 24-26.2

26.2 Magical Miles! 

 So what’s next for me? 
I promised my husband, NO more Full Marathons until after all our girls start school. Therefore, I’m going to focus on improving my time on the 10K, and Half Marathon before taking another 26.2-mile journey.

Thank you so much for all the love and support during this journey. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and ability to participate and complete the 2018 Walt Disney Marathon!

Finally, thank you to my number one fan, the man who sacrificed so many Saturday mornings of sleeping to watch our girls so I could complete my training runs. I wouldn’t have made it to the finish line without the many people who took a turn watching the girls so I could run.

Sharing is caring!

P.S. I friend Stephanie DID finish the race! 😉 

Camping with Toddlers, Mistakes made and Lessons Learned!

“Let’s take the girls camping!”
I announced one evening in mid-December, my husband looked a little stunned and said: 
“Okay, where should we go?” 

We decided to take the girls camping for only one night, at a semi-local campground. That way, if anything went wrong, we would be able to get home pretty easily.
Location, Location, Location! 

At Larry and Penny Thompson Park, you can camp for only 16.95 per night, and the campground is located very close to playgrounds, the Zoo, and a Grocery Store. 
Hours of Operation
Sunrise to Sunset

Office Hours

9 a.m. – 5 p.m., daily
Park Office

Since we wanted to camp on the Friday before New Year’s Eve, I called the office a week prior and tried to make a reservation. I was told that there was no need to make a reservation for tent camping and that we would have no problem. 
Mistake: I had additional questions and concerns about it being a busy season, but I didn’t voice them. 
So, when we arrived at the campground there were no sites available and our only option was to try and find another campground or wait until 4:00 p.m. to see if anyone who had paid the deposit didn’t show. 
Lesson Learned: Always ask questions, it turns out that I could have driven to the campground and given a small deposit to secure our campsite. Additionally, I could have driven down to the campground at 11:00 a.m. to claim the site, and then gone back when my husband got out of work at 2:00 p.m. 
We hung around the campground office and I called every single campground in South Florida looking for a way to take our girls camping that night. 
At 4:00 p.m., we were able to secure a campsite at Larry and Penny, but it was a stressful hour waiting to see if we would get to camp or not. 
The campsites at Larry and Penny are unlike anything I’ve ever seen, instead of there being assigned lots for each tent, it was an open field. Guests were able to put their tent anywhere they wanted, as long as they didn’t block a road.  This was pretty neat, we were able to pick a spot close to a tree and a picnic table! 
Tent Camping Area
So, as soon as we arrived. I started to get to work on Dinner while Chris and the girls set up the tent. 
Cooking Hot Dogs & Beans 
My Sus Chef! 

Mistake:  Know how to use your camping equipment. This may seem obvious to most people, and It should have been obvious to me, but I didn’t realize we’d need a flame of some sort to start our little Coleman grill.

Thankfully, there was another family right near us so we asked to borrow a lighter to get dinner going.  So awkward…
Lesson Learned:    Ask your husband what we need to cook the food. 😉

Love Bug helping Dad with the tent!

After dinner, we put some bug repellent on the girls and have some playtime before the sun went down. I bought lots of bubbles with us, but I should have brought a couple of soccer balls for the girls to play with. There was a lot of room to run and play, and a soccer ball would have been perfect! – Just another Lesson Learned.

The campground was dark by around 6:30 p.m. and the girls were ready to go to sleep. Unfortunately, one of my girls started to feel homesick and couldn’t relax and the baby was exhausted and trying to sleep. So, I took the big girls for a walk around the campground while my husband tried to get the youngest down for the night. 

While on our walk we discovered a laundry facility and a large community bathroom.

Bathroom Selfie! 
Coin Laundry
 Eventually, all the girls fell asleep and my husband and I stayed up laughing at the crazy adventure we’d already had while enjoyed “raw s’mores”.  
The girls slept great, I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that we literally took their pillows and bedding off their bed and brought it with us. A little piece of home can go a long way. 
As per usual, the girls got up at first sunlight, and couldn’t wait to go outside and play. We had a lovely breakfast of marshmallows, and granola bars before beginning to pack everything up to head to the playground. 

Additional Thoughts and Information

Larry and Penny is a great location to go test the waters of camping with your young family, especially if you live in the Miami-Dade area. With a cost of less than 20.00 per night, it also makes a very frugal friendly camping option.

It took me some time to find the water to wash our dishes, but I did eventually find it. We brought water with us for cooking and drinking, but there was a source of water in the tent camping area.

This park also has beach access, a swimming pool, and water slide. We did not visit any of these amenities because of the cool weather, but for a small fee, they are available for guests.
See current pricing here. 

Overall we had a terrific time camping with our girls, and would like to try it again and perhaps stay for a couple of nights!

Camping with toddlers can seem very overwhelming, but I encourage you to do it! Build the memories with your family, our girls were so excited about their big camping trip, and have been playing “camping” ever since!

Happy Camping Friends!

Don’t Forget to Print your Bucket List

My Goals for the 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon!

Happy Friday!
Today is the day I head over to Walt Disney World, to join in on all the fun of Marathon Weekend! The weather has been extremely cold in Orlando the last few days but looks like it should be warming up for the Full Marathon on Sunday. So, here’s hoping it stays in the 40-60 range. 
I can work with 40-60 degree weather, in fact, I think that’s perfect for the actual running of the marathon. I’m a little nervous about waiting in the corrals for the cold, but I’m not going to stress too badly. 
I’ve seen a lot of my running/blogging friends split their goals into two parts, an A goal and a B goal, so I am jumping on that band-wagon and also sharing two sets of goals. 

Goal A – Best. Race. Ever! 
  • Stop for 3 Character photos along the course 
  • Take a photo in every park 
  • Beat my current PR 7:01:17 (Read about it here
  • Finish with a smile 
  • Finish without getting injured 
Goal B – Best-ish. Race. Ever! 
  • Stop for 2 character photos along the course
  • take a photo in every park 
  • Finish the race without getting swept
  • Don’t get injured. 
I think these goals are absolutely attainable and am looking forward to the actual race. My nerves got the better of me today, and if you watched my Instastories you saw I was totally sick, but I’m feeling much better now. – Thank you to the many people who reached out and offered kind words. 

I can’t wait to share all about the weekend, I’m not sure how active I will be on social media, I will probably be the most active over on Twitter, so be sure to follow along! 
Thanks so much to everyone supporting me and chEARing me on through this journey. It means the world to me. 

My outfit for the 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon

Happy Walt Disney World Wednesday!

We are just a few days away from the 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon, those who are running the 5K, or Dopey Challenge are already en-route to the Happiest Place on Earth, but some of us won’t be heading towards Orlando until later in the week.

I’m not going to lie, my Instagram feed is full of amazing pictures of people soaking in the fun at the parks before the craziness of RunDisney weekend sets in, and I’m slightly jealous. So, to combat my fear of missing out I’m going to share my costume for the Marathon!

Originally, I was going to be someone very Shiney… 😉

I even bought a shell to spray paint for my Moana Crab (Tamatoa) costume. However, as the race approached I didn’t feel like I’d do the costume justice and genuinely felt like the shell would annoy me. So, I ditched that idea and started over. 
Training with three kids, ages 3 and under proved to be much harder than I thought it’d be. Throw in an exclusively breastfed infant who refused a bottle for most of her life, and you’ve got my reality.

Training for this race was harder than I anticipated, 
but I got it done! 
Around the time I was trying to find a new costume inspiration, my daughters had been requesting to watch Peter Pan on repeat, and I’m glad they did. 
For the 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon, 
my costume is inspired by the Movie Peter Pan! 

If I have time, I plan to add a red feather to my visor, and white pom poms to my shoes.  We will see if I can make it out to a craft store for the supplies.
Costume Details! 
  • Shirt: Raw Threads, get yours here.
    • sign up for their newsletter, they always have amazing sales! 
  • Shorts: Under Armour Compression Shorts
    • These shorts are my favorite! They even work well during pregnancy. 

  • Skirt: Sparkle Athletic
    • sign up for their newsletter, they also have amazing sales! 
  • Timer: Gymboss
    • I plan to do 30/30 Run Walk Intervals for the Marathon, I felt it gives me a nice and comfortable pace. One that I can maintain for all 26.2 miles!  
  • Watch: Garmin Forerunner 220
    • Love this watch, it’s super simple to use and has very limited bells and whistles. It’s an older model watch, but it’s perfect for what I need. 
  • Costume Inspiration, Peter Pan! 
Who is your favorite Character in Neverland? 
Pin for later… 

Family Goals for 2018

Happy New Year!

Back in October, I started thinking about all the things I wanted to accomplish in 2018, I started making an amazing worksheet and had big plans. Sadly, the worksheet never came together and I decided I’d just think about all the things that will happen because let’s face it – who has time for goals? Let’s LIVE in the MOMENT for  2018!

Our Family 

New Years 2018 Camping Trip

In 2018 our family will give each other countless hugs, explore new parks, try new foods, have a meltdown or two, take a really BIG trip to Walt Disney World and go to sleep every night knowing how loved we are.

Chris and Erin 
Everglades National Park 

In 2018 we will celebrate 10 years of marriage, we will stay up way too late soaking in the silence once all three girls finally go to sleep for the night. We will dream big, make mistakes, kiss each other goodnight, and thank God every day for the gifts of our sweet girls. 
Little Lady
Little Lady will continue to grow, and experience new things. She will find her way as she transitions from being home with mom and sisters to a big PRESCHOOLER. She will make me cry when she puts on her backpack for her first day of school, and she will probably continue to ask for far too many glasses of Chocolate Milk per day. 
Love Bug 
In 2018, the love bug will continue to be the most passionate of my three girls. She will test me as we practice using the toilet, and probably cause me to lose a little bit of my hair. She will continue to make me laugh so hard I snort with her sense of humor, and continue to blaze a new trail in fashion. 
Lady Bug 
In 2018 this sweet girl will continue to flourish and find her voice as the third of three sisters. She will keep us on the edge of our seat, and probably give me a few grey hairs with her fearless style of living. She will transition from a crib to a big girl bed, and from a bottle to a sippy cup. She will begin to have meaningful conversations with us and be a constant reminder to me of how God can work in a life.  God has used her mightily in my life, and I am forever thankful for my littlest love. 
What will happen in your life for 2018?