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My Pixar Rankings!

Father’s Day Weekend 2015, my husband and I went on a double date with some friends and saw Inside Out.  It was so wonderful to get away for a few hours with some friends, but obviously it got the conversation going. You know… what  is the BEST Pixar movie ever?!?!

My husband read several lists, and rankings, and tweets, etc, etc, etc… I will be honest, I didn’t read any – I just let him tell me all about them. After a few weeks of conversing about our favorite pixar movies, my husband decided that we couldn’t properly rate the Pixar Movies because we hadn’t seen A Bugs Life since it came out in the 90’s.

So naturally – we ordered it off Amazon.

Sunday afternoon we watched it, and then my husband went to work on his rating scale.

His scale had four categories:
1. The Story
2. The Characters
3. The Feels
4. The Originality

So here we go, my Pixar Ranking!

I was surprised, that Toy Story 3, Up & Inside out were all tied for my top Pixar movie because I love them for different reasons. But, there you have it!

If you are interested in taking the survey my husband designed I’ve linked it below!
Create your own user feedback survey

Running Tips from Jeff Galloway

As you know, I am a blogger for Jeff Galloway. As such, I get tips directly from Jeff to share with my readers! 

Hope you enjoy his tips on training through the heat, I know in Florida it’s always a struggle to start a training plan for a fall or winter race because you have to begin in the hottest part of the year! 

Dealing With the Heat

Training through the summer can not only be grueling, but down right dangerous.  Here are some tips to train safely and as comfortable as possible in the hot summer months.

Slow down by 30 sec/mile (20 sec/km) for every 5F temperature increase above 55-60F ( every 2.5C above 14C)
When the temperature is over 70F (21C) you may take a 5 minute “cold shower break” every 25-30 minutes to keep cool.
Try to complete your run before the sun rises above the horizon.
More frequent walk breaks during hot weather can lower body temperature increase.  If you used to run 3 minutes between walk breaks, run only 90 seconds (walk 30 seconds) at 70F (21C) and at 80F (26C) drop to 60 sec run/30 sec walk or 30/30
When you start to heat up more than normal, take a longer walk in a mall or indoor AC building
Pick shady courses on hot days.
Don’t wear a hat!  Pour water over your head
Have an indoor alternative—treadmill, etc
Run in the deep end of the pool, using a flotation belt
– – –

We stay at the beautiful and comfortable Squaw Valley Lodge. Lodge amenities include indoor and outdoor hot tubs, swimming, tennis, sauna and fitness room. Week camp began Thursday, July 23th.  Weekend camp began Friday, July 24th at 5PM. Both camps began with an easy run to get acquainted.  The morning breakfasts were followed by clinics by Jeff and his guests. Seminar topics include Running Injury Free, Nutrition, Speed work, Goal setting, Shoe selection, Pool running, and Running form / analysis.
After lunch, our guests shopped, went sightseeing, sunned by the pool, or joined the group for a scenic hike, T-shirt swap, bike ride, river raft ride, etc. The group gathered again in the evenings for dinner onsite or at one of the nearby restaurants and after-dinner relaxing.

You can learn more about the various Jeff Galloway Retreats at

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Make your nomination today!

In conjunction with the Road Race Management Race Directors’ Meeting, Road Race Management and MarathonFoto will again honor an individual who has made a major difference in the sport with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The award is for contributions to the sport of long distance running over the course of a lifetime. Nominees, who may be either living or deceased, should have made major contributions to the sport in more than one area, for example as an administrator, elite athlete, promoter of the sport, or innovator as an event director or vendor.

“We are seeking to honor a ‘sport changer’…a person who really made a difference,” says Phil Stewart, RRM editor and publisher.
Nominations from the public are being solicited and will close on August 31, 2015.

A ten-person committee will choose the winner to be announced November 6 at the Race Race Management Race Directors’ Keynote dinner in Hollywood, FL.

3 things that surprised me after losing 90 pounds.

We all have a starting place… Mine exceeded any number I thought I’d ever see on a scale, and the thought of attempting to lose 100 pounds was scary – the thought of NOT losing 100 pounds was even scarier.

I don’t share my story to brag, because honestly, I couldn’t have lost a pound without the support I found online through social media or more importantly my husband and family.  I share my story to help others who may know they need to lose weight but are terrified to start.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that since January 1st, 2012 I have lost 90 pounds and become a mother to the two most beautiful baby girls i’ve ever seen. In fact, I’m not sure i’ll ever be able to wrap my head around it, but here are the three things that surprised me after losing 90 pounds.

Take a moment and look at these few pictures from 2010 – 2011, it’s when I was reaching my heaviest.

Go ahead,… take a look.

Our Church

Summer 2011

Beach Vacation
Summer 2011


See how happy we are? My husband and I were genuinely happy. Our weight was steadily increasing, but so was our love for each other. 
So, now that you’ve seen more of less where we started. 
Here are 3 SHOCKERS about losing a large amount of weight. 
Shocker 1: It’s really hard to take a compliment. 
If in the last few years, you’ve told me how great I look – and I’ve been really awkward in response, or perhaps offended you, I am sorry. 
I just really don’t know what to say when people comment on my weight loss – really… I don’t. Mostly because I’ve been uncomfortable with my weight for most of my life, and because of my discomfort I read WAY too deeply into what people say to me. It’s sad, but it’s the truth. 
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!  If I seem awkward or slow to respond just know my heart is bubbling, and I’m thankful someone noticed my hard work. 

My FIRST 5K, Everest Challenge
May 2012

Shocker 2: The struggle is REAL

My husband gets onto me ALL the time because when we go shopping I will automatically look at the plus sizes – not just look at them, but try them on. This is why I’m no longer allowed to shop online – I have no idea what size I am. 
When you’ve seen certain sizes in your closet for your entire adult life, it’s very hard to re-train your brain to give that medium a try. 
Shocker 3: You won’t look like you envisioned, and that’s okay. 
When I first set the goal of losing 100 pounds, I imagined I’d have a flat stomach and basically look perfect. The closer I get to my goal, the more I realize my vision won’t be the reality, and I’m okay with it. 
I’ve had two babies, and lost a significant amount of weight in order for me to have a flat stomach, I’ll probably need skin removal. I’ve got saggy skin, it’s gross – but it’s the truth. 
Whatever your goal is, go for it! Weight loss has been the hardest journey I’ve ever taken, but look at these two beautiful gifts I received after getting my health on the right track. 
Weight loss is a process, it takes time, dedication, and a decision to make better choices each day. I’m so thankful my husband said yes when I asked him to help force me out of bed an hour and a half earlier each morning for a walk. Those early morning walks are some of my most cherished memories of our times together. 

A day in the life – RunDisney Registration Day!

Now that I’m a full-time stay at home mom, I thought it’d be fun to share a day in my life. Unfortunately, every time I think about writing one, or filming one, … I realize my life is pretty routine and slightly boring.

But, if you are interested in a “normal” day, let me know. I’ll be happy to share!

So, here we go!

Our day, RunDisney Princess 1/2 Registration Day!!

As you know I’ve been excited nervous about registration day for a while. My sisters and I are going to be running at the Princess weekend, and registering for these races is getting more and more competitive. So,… I had to be ready!

If you don’t know, I have two beautiful daughters. My oldest is 18 months, and my youngest is 3 months next week.

4:00 a.m. – Baby 2 wakes up for a snack.

5:00 a.m. – Baby 2 wakes up for a snack again.

6:30 a.m. – My husband gets up and gets ready for work.

7:45 a.m. – Both babies wake up for the day.

8:00 a.m. – My husband leaves for work.

From 8:00 – 11:00 a.m. – My oldest will have breakfast and a snack during this time. We also spend some time with the baby on her tummy and read lots of stories.

11:00 a.m. – Boot up the lap top to get ready for registration. Change diapers, prepare snacks and try not to freak out about registration.

11:30 a.m. – Baby wakes up from her nap extremely fussy.

11:35 a.m. – Start the Little Mermaid.

12:02 – I’m registered!!!!! (oh, I was able to calm the baby down during registration)

12:30 p.m. – FaceTime with my sisters, relieved that we MADE it into the Disney Princess weekend!!

12:30 – 2:00 p.m. – More play time and tummy time with the girls

2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. – Singing time and nap time for my oldest and more tummy time and play time for my youngest.

Have you noticed that the baby only takes small cat naps? … yeah.

4:00 – 5:30 p.m. – playtime until Daddy comes home.

6:00 – 8:00 p.m.  – Chick Fil A Cow Appreciation Dinner. We dressed like a cow and got free meals at Chick Fil A then went to the park to play for a bit.

8:00 – 9:00 p.m. – I went to the store and did the dishes from the day while my husband did bath time routine and played with the girls.

9:30 p.m. – Bedtime Routine for my oldest, and one last feed for the baby.

10:00 p.m. – both babies are asleep for the night.

Yep. We play all day and I try to do most cleaning and housework when my husband is home to play with the girls.

So, that was our day!

How was yours?

Running Announcement: RunDisney Glass Slipper Challenge

Friends, I’m in!

I’m officially registered for the 2016 Princess Glass Slipper Challenge!

Any other princesses out there?

I’m looking forward to sharing with all of you my training. Now that I’m a mom of 2 under 2, and my husband is marathon training, and we just recently moved to a new city and so many new things I know it will be a challenge but I can’t wait to share my journey with you!

Blacklight Run – Tampa Recap

“The colors will wash away, but the memories never fade”
… (excerpt from Blacklight Run 2015 Youtube Video.)

Ever since my sisters watched my husband and I complete the Goofy Challenge  they have wanted to get into running, and have sent me a few runs to consider doing with them. When we saw a local fun run for only 20.00, we thought it’d be great!

My husband and my sisters husband agreed to watch the girls (3 of them… all under 2 years old) so we could do it – SO we registered.

I didn’t train.

My sisters did, I did not.

Packet Pick up

This run almost required you to pick up your packet the day before. Actually, if you didn’t pick it up, there was a fee of 5.00 to pick it up at the race… seriously? What’s up with that?

Thankfully my sister picked mine up for me, so I was able to save 5.00.

Pre-Race Communication

I received several emails prior to the event asking me to download a specific app to participate for a chance to win prizes. but no emails with instructions for parking etc… only in an initial email that it would be 10.00 to park, and so car pooling is recommended.

I didn’t download the app, my sister did and said it was just like instagram.

Traffic & Parking Direction

It took us over an hour to get less than 2 miles, and when we actually got too the gate it was only 6.00 to park (not the 10.00 as stated) and there were only 2 people directing traffic.

2 people for something like 10,000 people? – I’m not actually sure how many people were registered.

Signs & Lighting

Okay, we’ve arrived and parked. (Hallelujah)

We had trouble locating the starting line, and really anything because there were NO lights. … Typically for a night run, you can find the start line because it’s well lit, not this one.

In fact, the finish line didn’t have a single light at it either!

The Course

We were in a wave that started around 9:15 p.m., I’m not sure how many waves went before us but when we finally got to the start line and went, the cones were all over the place, there was no direction, limited lighting, pot holes EVERYWHERE, only a few random poles with a blacklight at the top and tons of people crowded around it trying to take a picture… (of what, i’m not sure because the color stations didn’t have any powder…)

It was hard to run because of the crowds, and lack of proper safety necessities (such as lights and volunteers or employees)

There was a water station (in the dark) with no one staffing it, just a table with bottles of water.

When we arrived at the finish line, there wasn’t anything. No lights, no water, no volunteers or any visible staff …

Additionally, there was only one ambulance and maybe two medics about half way through the course…

Bottom Line.

I was disappointed in the way Youtube portrayed the run, because when you watch the youtube promos you see lots of glow stations, color and fun… when you arrive, it is NOTHING like i’d seen on the Youtube videos.

I hope to NEVER participate in this athletic event again. We probably would have had more fun spending our 20.00 at dinner or a movie than the Blacklight Run in Tampa.

Question of the day: What’s the most disappointing run you’ve participated in?

I am in no way affiliated with the Blacklight Run, I registered and paid for this run with my own money. I always try to find the positive in things, and give honest feedback. However, I felt that this athletic event is not worth the time, I was extremely disappointed in the organization of this event.