Blacklight Run – Tampa Recap

“The colors will wash away, but the memories never fade”
… (excerpt from Blacklight Run 2015 Youtube Video.)

Ever since my sisters watched my husband and I complete the Goofy Challenge  they have wanted to get into running, and have sent me a few runs to consider doing with them. When we saw a local fun run for only 20.00, we thought it’d be great!

My husband and my sisters husband agreed to watch the girls (3 of them… all under 2 years old) so we could do it – SO we registered.

I didn’t train.

My sisters did, I did not.

Packet Pick up

This run almost required you to pick up your packet the day before. Actually, if you didn’t pick it up, there was a fee of 5.00 to pick it up at the race… seriously? What’s up with that?

Thankfully my sister picked mine up for me, so I was able to save 5.00.

Pre-Race Communication

I received several emails prior to the event asking me to download a specific app to participate for a chance to win prizes. but no emails with instructions for parking etc… only in an initial email that it would be 10.00 to park, and so car pooling is recommended.

I didn’t download the app, my sister did and said it was just like instagram.

Traffic & Parking Direction

It took us over an hour to get less than 2 miles, and when we actually got too the gate it was only 6.00 to park (not the 10.00 as stated) and there were only 2 people directing traffic.

2 people for something like 10,000 people? – I’m not actually sure how many people were registered.

Signs & Lighting

Okay, we’ve arrived and parked. (Hallelujah)

We had trouble locating the starting line, and really anything because there were NO lights. … Typically for a night run, you can find the start line because it’s well lit, not this one.

In fact, the finish line didn’t have a single light at it either!

The Course

We were in a wave that started around 9:15 p.m., I’m not sure how many waves went before us but when we finally got to the start line and went, the cones were all over the place, there was no direction, limited lighting, pot holes EVERYWHERE, only a few random poles with a blacklight at the top and tons of people crowded around it trying to take a picture… (of what, i’m not sure because the color stations didn’t have any powder…)

It was hard to run because of the crowds, and lack of proper safety necessities (such as lights and volunteers or employees)

There was a water station (in the dark) with no one staffing it, just a table with bottles of water.

When we arrived at the finish line, there wasn’t anything. No lights, no water, no volunteers or any visible staff …

Additionally, there was only one ambulance and maybe two medics about half way through the course…

Bottom Line.

I was disappointed in the way Youtube portrayed the run, because when you watch the youtube promos you see lots of glow stations, color and fun… when you arrive, it is NOTHING like i’d seen on the Youtube videos.

I hope to NEVER participate in this athletic event again. We probably would have had more fun spending our 20.00 at dinner or a movie than the Blacklight Run in Tampa.

Question of the day: What’s the most disappointing run you’ve participated in?

I am in no way affiliated with the Blacklight Run, I registered and paid for this run with my own money. I always try to find the positive in things, and give honest feedback. However, I felt that this athletic event is not worth the time, I was extremely disappointed in the organization of this event. 

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