Cleaning Checklist: After the Common Cold

As a mom of three, I am always on guard against the runny nose. When you have toddlers sharing touching and sharing everything, and a mobile teething baby crawling around putting EVERYTHING in their mouth, you need to work quickly and efficiently! 

At the first sign of a cold, I begin this routine and each night once the children are in bed I will wipe the surfaces and toys again.
  • Open Windows, let the Sunshine in!
  • Remove and Launder All Bedding
    • Sheets
    • Blankets
    • Stuffed Animals and Comfort Items
  • Disinfect Bed
    • Wipe or Spray with a Disinfectant Agent
  • Dust the Room
  • Clean the Floors
  • Clean as per usual
    • Pay Special Attention to:
      • Disinfect light switches
      • Door knobs
  • Open the Windows, Let the Sunshine in!
  • Disinfect All Surfaces
  • Disinfect Door Knobs and Handles
  • Change Air Filters
  • Disinfect All Toys
  • Clean the floors

For additional support, I like to diffuse some DoTerra essential oils in the air.
Some of my favorite blends include:

  • (2 drops) Lavender, (2 drops) Orange (2 drops) Lemon
  • (5 Drops) Wild Orange
  • (3 Drops) Lavender (3 Drops) Purify  

If you are looking for an EXCELLENT cold fighting soup, check out my friend Meg’s blog for a recipe.
I used her recipe as a base and added some carrots and calabaza squash for some additional flavor and vitamin C and A.

Remember to stay hydrated, and rest!

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