DIY Disney: Tangled Tower

Walt Disney World Wednesday

This week I did a really simple and quick tangled inspired craft with my toddlers.  Here are 3 things to love about this craft!

  1. Hardly ANY supplies required
  2. Hardly ANY setup
  3. Great for developing those FINE MOTOR Skills!

Here’s what you need for your Tangled inspired craft!


The Process:

Put a bunch of holes in a piece of paper and have your children practice threading the yarn through the holes. This can be tricky for your toddlers, it’s important to guide them through the process so they have fun with it without getting frustrated.
Once they’ve gotten the hang of threading the yarn through the holes, you can move on to the actual craft. Cut a tower out of construction paper and hole punch a few holes throughout the tower.
Have your child thread the yarn around the tower to look much like Rapunzel’s hair when she lets it down for her mother to climb.
Once the yarn has been threaded throughout the tower, glue or tape the tower onto a piece on green construction paper.
My daughter then added some flowers with crayons and stickers for a little extra decoration.

Teachable Moments:

  • Vocabulary
    •  talk with your toddler share new words with them such as and help them to say them clearly
  • Color identification
    • The colors of the flowers
    • The Hair
  • Fine Motor Skills
    • To make it a little easier, put some tape around the end of the yarn to help it thread through a little easier
As a bonus, we watched Tangled together while we finished decorating our tower.  We hope you will give this quick and easy Tangled DIY a try and love it as much as we did!
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