Motherhood Diary: Tummy Time

When you marry the son of a physical therapist, expect to be given more information that you ever knew you needed on the importance of tummy time. On top of my MIL’s (Mother in Law) advice and information on tummy time, I read far too many articles on the importance of allowing your babies time on their tummy.

Just a few benefits…

  • Increases neck strength and stability
  • helps with core strength
  • helps relieve reflux and gas 
  • gives them opportunity to explore their world 
Well, we are at 5 months with our youngest and thanks to lots and lots of tummy time, she can officially roll both ways and belly crawl / scoot to wherever she wants to be. 
She’s reaching a point in her life where she can start to show her independence a little bit and make decisions for herself. She can decide if she wants to go for the toys her sister is playing with or hang out with her Nemo toy for a bit. 
I’m so proud of her.
She’s proving to be just as determined and strong willed as both her sisters, and although it can be difficult to parent a strong willed toddler (or three), I am thankful for the opportunity. These girls will change the world, and it’s a big responsibility to guide them. 
Question of the day: Who can you show kindess to today?

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