Top 3 Must Haves for the Hospital!

I fully intended to do a “what’s in my bag” YouTube video. I really felt I had a lot to share with the world,  especially since this is my third baby in three years.

However, the Lord had other plans and instead of making a YouTube video during week 36, I spent every moment prepping myself, my home and my toddlers to welcome baby! 
So, instead of a video, I’m going to share my top 3 items to bring to the hospital  for mom,dad, and baby!
For Mom. 

Headphones & phone (or iPod).
If you are induced, or have a long labor you will most likely be hooked up to a lot of monitors with beeping and heart beats. For a while, this can be very soothing. However, it can also be a little unnerving after a while. You also may be able to hear nurses and doctors and other movement in the hallways. Grab your headphones and put on a playlist to either help you relax, or get you in the zone! 
Tervis Cup with a Straw. 
If you are breastfeeding, or took any medication during the delivery you will want to drink a lot of water. 
The benefit of a tervis cup is that it won’t sweat on the tray next to your hospital bed. The benefit of the straw is that your partner can hold your cup for you to get a drink if needed. 
After my third baby I had to drink a whole bunch of water to flush my system. I started to have a reaction to the epidural and was itchy from head to toe! It was awful!! My baby girl was also very small and needed to eat every 60-90 minutes. 
Since my hands were full, having a large cup with a straw was a huge help to me! 
Jacket with a full zipper. 
Hospitals are cold, your hormones are all crazy after delivery and if you are breastfeeding and having skin-to-skin you will basically be topless for your stay at the hospital. 
A full zippered jacket gives you the ability to keep warm but still be able to easily breastfeed and have skin-to-skin. 

For Dad 

Snacks and a Water bottle.
It’s hard for dad to leave mom and baby, at least my experience. Bring some snacks so daddy is fed!
His Pillow!
Poor dad, he has to sleep on crazy chairs that pull out into a narrow “bed” or couch. Bring his pillow, it’s bulky, but it’s likely the most comfortable thing he will have for a few days. 

Something he needs but won’t remember to bring…
This could be his camera, or a charger or… Favorite shirt, … Just something you know he’d want but wouldn’t think about. 
For my husband it is his Miami Heat Beanie. The love of my life is 100% Miami boy! He can wear a sweat shirt in the middle of summer, if it’s 70 degrees, it’s freezing. So, I made sure to bring his warm hat, because the man freezes inside the hospital! 
I’m thankful we had the hat because I used it too! 
For Baby. 

Snap Pajamas 
After birth your baby will have his or her blood pressure, temperature and possibly his or her blood sugar tested. 
You will also be checking and changing diapers, your baby will be able to stay mostly dressed for all of those things if they are in pajamas that snap.
Yes, they have them in the hospital but there is something special about wrapping them in a blanket that was made for them, or purchased for them by someone who loves them! 
Cute going home outfit!
It’s a big and exciting day, you will likely take 10,000 photos of your bundle ready to go home, pick out a cute outfit! My husband found this outfit on clearance for 90% off over the summer AND we used a coupon so final price was less than 5.00. She’s swimming in it, but it is a newborn size!

What’s on your list of must have items for your hospital stay?!

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