Our Top 3 Rides in Magic Kingdom for Kids 2 and Under

Hello Disney loving friends!

For today’s post I wanted to give our top 3 favorite rides for families with very young children. These are my 2 year old’s MOST requested rides at the Magic Kingdom! I’m pretty excited that she loves these rides so much because I love them and also want to ride them over and over again!

As a point of reference, we have annual passes and very rarely wait in long lines for rides. We use the fast pass+ or often times go to the Magic Kingdom late in the evening after the girls have napped a lot of the guests have departed for the day.

Number 3. 

The Little Mermaid. 

My 2 year old has recently fallen IN.LOVE. with Ariel and the Little Mermaid movie. On our most recent trip to the Magic Kingdom there was no line for the Little Mermaid ride and so we rode it 3 or 4 times without getting off.

The line for this ride is also pretty cute, you get to see scuttle, some of the treasures Ariel finds and outside is Prince Eric’s castle and a boat with Ariel on the front.

Why we like the ride:

  • Slow moving
  • Bright colors
  • Music
  • Our family of 4 can ride together 
Number 2.5 (BONUS).
Winnie the Pooh. 
At 5 months old my oldest daughter identified Winnie the Pooh as her favorite. She loves the color yellow and Winnie the Pooh (still does at 2 years old).  So, I had to include this ride as a top for our family.  
The line for this ride is also very interactive, there are lots of games and activities to keep the little ones entertained. 
Why we like the ride: 
  • slow moving
  • brightly colored
  • fun music
  • our family of 4 can ride together
Number 2. 


When you think Walt Disney World, you think Disney… (am I right?).  It is simply a MUST DO ride. My husband grew up loving the movie Dumbo, and of course the ride as well.  Our 2 year old will now ask us to go to Disney to ride Dumbo. We can’t go to the Magic Kingdom without a fast pass for this ride. 
Recently Disney expanded this ride to have two dumbo rides and a huge play area for young children under the big top. We haven’t used the play area yet, but are looking forward to using it when our youngest gets a little older.  I believe there is a system in place where you can play for a bit inside the play ground and then go ride the ride, I’m not certain how that works but it sounds really great for families! 
Why we like this ride:
  • It’s Dumbo. 
  • Children are able to move the cart up and down
  • outside 
  • Iconic Disney Ride 
Number 1. 

The Carousel

Although Dumbo is her most requested ride while at home planning for a Disney trip, our top ride for 2 and under is the Carousel. I put it as number one because our daughter melts into a thousand pieces if we walk by this ride without riding it – she just LOVES it! 
One lesson I recently learned was that during the fireworks they close the ride down. This was quite unfortunate because that’s when we were about to go ride it. We spent some time with the princesses while we waited for it to open and all was well, but it is something to consider. 
The line isn’t too exciting, it wraps around the carousel and is pretty hot during the day because there is limited shade. We prefer to do this ride in the evening or early morning. 
Why we like this ride: 
  • Indepence
    • My daughter can ride a horse all by herself (with mom right there)
  • Beautiful views of the castle
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Iconic Disney ride
I’m sure as our children age, even this year, they will begin to have new favorite rides – it’s only natural. I am excited that these are their current favorites because they are some of my favorites too! 
Question of the day: What’s your most favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom?

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