Goal Completed: Run 13 races in 2013

Last year I set a goal of completing 13 races in 2013. When May rolled around, and I found out I was expecting … I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to finish – but I DID!

About the Challenge. 

Here’s a couple shots from my 13 in 2013 journey (in no order)

April 2013
First Half Marathon! 
Last pregnant run
Last Pregnant Event – (walked it)

October 2013, 26 weeks pregnant

June 2, 2013 (First Pregnant Race!)

When I began 2013, I had dreams of finishing the Goofy Challenge in early January. As you know, I’m currently expecting our first child and due DURING MARATHON WEEKEND! Soo, my 2013 goals had to change. Instead of Marathon Training for the last half of the year, I focused more on the health of myself and Baby Jimenez. I’m pretty excited for her to get here, and to celebrate her first birthday at Disney in 2015 when I’ll finally (Lord Willing) be able to run the Goofy Challenge!

What was your activity level like in 2013? Did you stay active no matter what the challenge or change in plans? 

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