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3 ways to get fit during tummy time

Yesterday we had a beautiful day with just the family! Little Lady had her 3 month check up, and ears pierced. She looks adorable, by the way! In order to celebrate, and spend some time outside of our condo, we bought zoo passes!

We LOVE the zoo, and now I have a place to walk around with Little Lady. Saturday we are going to go meet the Easter Bunny at the Zoo. So fun!

If you’ve had children in the last 20 years, you know the importance of “tummy time”. Ever since the “back to sleep” campaign, which encourages care-givers to put babies to sleep on their back, infants have needed additional time on their tummy. This helps them to build neck control, and build up the upper body strength needed to crawl and eventually walk.

(Disclaimer, not a medical professional – just a mom)

Anyway, since little lady and I have been spending a lot of time on our tummy I thought i’d share a few ways I’ve incorporated fitness into our tummy time.

Note: Always monitor your baby, and keep his/her safety your number 1 priority!

1) Planking.
With your baby on their tummy, do a plank (or a few planks) in front of them. Talk to the baby while you plank, this will help pass the time for you and encourage them to look up at your funny face for a few seconds.

2) Super mans.
Baby’s on their tummy kind of look like they are doing super mans. I will mimic her action, causing her to smile and well, I’m getting some core work done.

3) Squirms.
Same concept as super mans.

As your baby ages, you spend more and more time during tummy time, and you will find ways to incorporate yoga poses, or other workouts into the routine.

My goal is to make tummy time fun for both of us, and show my daughter that living an active healthy lifestyle can be fun!

As I said, always be sure you are watching your baby and considering his or her safety!

What are some ways you’ve incorporated fitness into tummy time with your baby?

THIS moment…

As each day passes and I see Tiny Princess develop I must stop and be thankful for the moment.

Yes, I want her to have her vaccines and for flu season to be over so we can return to church, or go to a crowded place. 
Yes, I want her to be strong enough to hold her head up. Every mom wants that, it would make it easier for me to allow people to hold her anyway… 
Yes, I want her to nap in her bed. But not really because she won’t want to be in my arms forever. 
Yes, I want to eat a full meal in one sitting. 
Yes, I’m looking forward to her first trip to Disney.
Yes, I think about all the adventures we will have when she’s old enough to remember them. 
Yes. The answer is probably yes, I’m looking forward to [insert milestone here].
But for now, I will remind myself to enjoy THIS moment because all too soon it will be a memory. 
All too soon she will be independent.
All too soon she will no longer be my tiny princess, but a full grown princess. 
To my readers, may you live in THIS moment, because if you stop and look around it’s probably beautiful. 
Typed on my phone as Tiny Princess naps in my arms, please excuse any typos. 

The Return to Fitness After Baby

One of the best parts of being a mom is that I get to watch Tiny Princess discover new things ALL the time. Her latest discovery? …fingers! We were sitting on the couch during our afternoon “sing-song time” (where I sing basically every song I know very loudly in all different voices for about 15 minutes) and as I was counting with my fingers, she reached her hand up and pointed a finger, then quickly inspected it.  Now, I might be a little crazy – but it made my whole day. She’s been mesmerized by her fingers ever since.

Life is one grand adventure, and on the days where it seems the laundry is piled far too high, or we don’t have a single clean dish I remind myself that someday I will remember these as “The Good ol’ Days”. So, in celebration of “The Good ol’ Days” we set out on a family adventure on Saturday.

Last Monday I was given the okay by my OB to resume fitness, and reminded that my body has changed so I need to 1) be careful and 2) take it slow, and re-introduce myself to my body.  Soooo, this week I’ve been “taking it slow”, but yesterday I just HAD to go on a “long run”. (more than 1 mile currently equals “long run” status). So, I did. and… WOW! … my hips feel huge!

Moving onward. 

After a lovely run in 78 degree Miami Sunshine, our family loaded into the car to go for a walk at Matheson Hammock Park and search for a few geocaches.

What is Geocaching? 

Geocaching is basically a treasure hunt with a GPS. You go online, and look up coordinates to a location – plug them into your GPS and when you get there, you’ll find a little log book. Log your username, and the date then go back to the internet and log that you found the spot.

I’ve geocached off and on for the last several years, and always enjoy it. One of the coolest things about it is that you will find little hidden trails, or beautiful spots that you never knew about RIGHT in your own city!

More information on this –> website!

Now that we have a Tiny Princess, we’ve started geocaching again. It’s a fun way to be active together, and build family memories.

What adventures do you go on as a family, do you geocache?