THIS moment…

As each day passes and I see Tiny Princess develop I must stop and be thankful for the moment.

Yes, I want her to have her vaccines and for flu season to be over so we can return to church, or go to a crowded place. 
Yes, I want her to be strong enough to hold her head up. Every mom wants that, it would make it easier for me to allow people to hold her anyway… 
Yes, I want her to nap in her bed. But not really because she won’t want to be in my arms forever. 
Yes, I want to eat a full meal in one sitting. 
Yes, I’m looking forward to her first trip to Disney.
Yes, I think about all the adventures we will have when she’s old enough to remember them. 
Yes. The answer is probably yes, I’m looking forward to [insert milestone here].
But for now, I will remind myself to enjoy THIS moment because all too soon it will be a memory. 
All too soon she will be independent.
All too soon she will no longer be my tiny princess, but a full grown princess. 
To my readers, may you live in THIS moment, because if you stop and look around it’s probably beautiful. 
Typed on my phone as Tiny Princess naps in my arms, please excuse any typos. 

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