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Help your Baby FALL in LOVE with GREENS!

In the fall of 2013 I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes during my first pregnancy I became very interested in healthy eating and pregnancy. Just what exactly do the babies get, can they taste?

I’m not sure if they can actually taste like we do outside the womb, but tastes are being developed from inside the womb, and eating a healthy diet while you are pregnant is a gift to you AND your baby.

Once you start introducing solids to baby, I like to start giving greens as soon as possible. My pediatrician chuckled when I told him I wanted to start my first born on Kale as soon as he thought it would be okay.  Around 7-9 months is when I introduced greens to my girls, but be sure to talk it over with your pediatrician when starting any new foods.

I am thankful to report that my girls all LOVE Spinach and will even have Kale in smoothies from time to time without an argument, and it’s all thanks to this quick and easy recipe.

Greens Recipe for Baby


  • Spinach (or Kale)
  • Apples 
  1. Wash and Peel Apples
    • I like to use a variety of green and red apples to make the flavor more interesting 
  2.  Steam Apples until soft
  3. Steam Spinach for about 2 minutes 
  4. Blend 
  5. Enjoy! 
It’s THAT easy friends!! 
Why I LOVE Spinach? 
Spinach LOADED with essential vitamins such as iron, vitamin A, C and so many more.  Just like leafy greens are recommended for healthy digestion in adults, this fiber rich meal can help keep things moving with your baby. 
I remember with my oldest daughter she would often get constipated when we started introducing solids, every since introducing spinach as a regular part of our children’s diets this has not been a problem. 😉 
Question of the day: Do you prefer Spinach raw or cooked? 
I prefer steamed spinach, but my husband prefers raw spinach to be eaten in a salad. 

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