2018 WDW Marathon, Planning, Packing and the Party at the Finish

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Give yourself a HIGH-FIVE! 
Not only have you made the commitment to run a MARATHON, but YOU have made it to the end of your training! If you are anything like me, you’ve probably had some challenges along the way. 
In my opinion, challenges are a part of the Journey to the Marathon, and it is how we respond and how we keep going that will prepare us for the Marathon!  So, here’s to YOU! 
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Now that we are less than 20 days away from the Walt Disney World Marathon, I thought I’d share some of the things this Florida native is doing to get myself prepared. 
RunDisney Forms & Information
I am sticking close to the RunDisney website, Facebook, and Twitter for any and all information I can gather. I like to have as much knowledge as possible BEFORE the race weekend, simply because the race is SO huge and SO overwhelming that I don’t want to miss out. 
Here are a few KEY things you will need before you head to the Expo! 
Forgetting to print out your waiver is not  the end of the world, they will have computers and printers available at the Expo for you to print out, but you might want to go ahead and take a look at the waiver because printed on the bottom you will find your much-anticipated BIB NUMBER

2. Bib Number 
Your Bib Number helps you understand where you will line up and begin on race day. You as a runner, want to be as close to the start line as possible, this gives you an advantage because there are fewer people on the course. So, once you’ve gotten your bib number head on over and check out your CORRAL PLACEMENT

3. Corral Placement
In order to keep some kind of order on the course, RunDisney separates all the runners into Corrals. Each Corral represents a predicted pace. This is why it is crucial to submit a proof of time by the deadline, you might remember my fail of an attempt for a proof of time from earlier this fall (Refresh your memory
For the 2018 WDW Marathon, my POT landed me a spot in the G corral, so if you are in my corral – say Hi! 
Find out your Corral Here. 
You might always want to check out the Event Guide to see where your favorite vendors will be and start following them on Social Media. The girls over at Sparkle Athletic are amazing on Social Media and are always giving away prizes, so make sure you follow along! 
Sparkly Soul has also been known to host a giveaway or surprise sale to their social media followers! 
Now that you are RIDICULOUSLY excited for the weekend, let’s talk PACKING! 

The weather in Orlando during the months of December and January are awful to predict, but here is what I can tell you based on the last couple of years of following along with this race.
In 2015, when I ran the Goofy Challenge with my husband Orlando was hit with a crazy cool front, that put the runners of the 5k, 10k and Half Marathon under FREEZING conditions at the start. I’m not talking, “freezing” for a Floridian, I’m talking actual freezing, in the 20’s weather! 
The Half Marathon was so cold for this Miami girl, that I actually ran the entire race in Sweat Pants!

2015, 5 months pregnant with Baby # 2 
In 2017 my sisters were scheduled to run the Goofy Challenge, but when torrential downpours happened on Friday night and into Saturday the race was actually CANCELLED and on Sunday it was absolutely freezing for the Marathon. 

It is still too early to do a weather watch for the 2018 Marathon weekend, but typically about 10 days prior you can start to see what you might expect for RACE DAY!

So, how should you pack for the WDW Marathon Weekend?

Pack in layers for all types of weather.

Here are some of my favorite race day options to stay warm before the race!*

You’ve done the training, you’ve prepared yourself as much as possible for the festivities of the weekend, now it’s time to Party!

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Now is not the time to be stressing over anything, except how much fun you will have! If you’ve been training and putting in the work to the best of your abilities than now is the time to sit back and enjoy the experience. There is truly nothing like running a Walt Disney World Marathon! 
Read all about my first WDW Marathon here.

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