Crafting with Toddlers: DIY Onesies and Week 36 Update

Hello friends!

We are approaching the finish line, and thankfully our name reveal outfit has arrived! I will be doing a dedicated post on what’s in my hospital bag very soon, so stay tuned! One of the things my husband and I feel very strongly about is making sure our girls (even at 2.5 and 16 months) are aware of the baby, and that the baby is coming to live with us very soon.  When we welcomed baby Zuzu, our older daughter was SO excited! She had spent the last 6 months or so reading to the baby, giving kisses to my stomach and just bonding with her. I’ll never forget the moment she first saw her, I sat on my bed in amazement at the instant love they had for one another.

We’ve worked really hard to allow our girls opportunity to bond with their new sister, and one of the ways we decided to help them get excited for baby was to make a special gift for their sister.

Our girls are really into coloring right now, they just enjoy coloring so much. Since I had a 3 pack of white onesies, I decided to grab some iron-on letters and fabric markers for the girls to create a special outfit for their sister.

The girls were really into it, and even enjoyed Facetime with dad to show off their projects. It’s so much fun but if you plan to do something like this, here are my top two tips.


  • Well fed toddlers are happier during craft time
  • Make sure your supplies are ready 
    • If using paint, be sure you have plenty of wipes ready or direct access to the sink for cleaning those little hands
  • Have your camera ready 
  • Make sure they are dressed in an outfit that can also get messy
  • Enlist another adult to help if you have more than 1 toddler you are crafting with
We didn’t use paint this time, I opted for some fabric markers. I have painted many times with my girls before, and it was much more fun when I stopped thinking about the mess we were making and embraced the idea of making memories! 

Pregnancy Update – Week 36
Total Weight Gain: 15 lbs
Blood Pressure: 105/65
Baby’s Heart Rate: 150’s 
  • Ice Cream
Question of the day: What’s your favorite type of ice cream? 

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