Miami Turkey Trot – Recap

Every year since 2012 my husband and I have participated in the Miami Turkey Trot every year.
Recap from 2012.  – 10K.

If you saw my Thanksgiving vlog you saw the weather was less than ideal. Since it was POURING down rain we decided not to bring the girls. The last thing we needed was for them to get sick, and I’m sure they had more fun with their grandparents anyway!

By the time the race began we were SOAKING wet, and I was shivering. My feet were drenched from the puddles and I really wasn’t sure why we stayed – but we did.

The race started and we just started running, and I felt GREAT! Since I was so cold I just kept running and before I knew it, we were at Mile 1. I took a little walk break and then ran some more and then MILE 2.

Since it was still raining, and we didn’t have to worry about our children staying dry my husband and I just ran through all the puddles, and laughed together for the last mile.

Just like that, we were done!

As always, running in Miami was SO much fun. The crowd is always dynamic, and the vibe is incredible. I missed Miami so much and was Thankful to run in Miami again!!

Question of the day: Did you run in a Turkey Trot this year?

Did you see our Thanksgiving Day Vlog?

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