My 2018 Mother’s Day Wishlist!

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Mother’s Day can be a little tricky, what do you purchase the woman who gave you life? Admittedly, I am not the best at remembering to actually send a card. (Mom is still waiting for her Birthday Card from earlier this month). So, if you are a little stumped on what to get the mom in your life, here are a couple of my top picks!

Mom’s Who Like Cleaning

There are mom’s out there who actually enjoy cleaning. If I had to pick between cleaning and cooking, I think I’d fall into the cleaning category, so here are a couple of cleaning products that are on my list! – Anything that will make cleaning a little easier.

Spin Mop

I saw this on the Do it On a Dime Youtube channel and have wanted one ever since! Anything that makes my mopping process go faster, is on my list!

Method Cleaning Products

As a mom of young children, I am extra cautious with my cleaning products. I love the brand Method, because it is non-toxic. I’ve switched most of my cleaning products over to this brand. I love the way it cleans and smells!

Cleaning Towels

Another item on my list is this microfiber cleaning towel set. I love cleaning with microfiber because it doesn’t scratch or leave any lint. I’d be pretty excited to open this up on Mother’s Day!

Mom’s Who Like Customized Pieces

Let’s face it, sometimes we just like to have those cute little pieces of jewelry to showcase our family! I found Cajun Keepsakes on Instagram and have fallen in love with her work. She hand-stamps all her pieces and has a pretty quick turn-around time. She was kind enough to give me a discount code. Make sure you use STORYBOOKERIN on for 10% off your purchase.

Here are a couple of my favorite mother’s day pieces! 

Mother’s Necklace

This necklace is adorable and can be customized for either a mom or a grandparent. I love that you can put the birthstones on the item as a subtle way to showcase your children. This appeals to me because I am very guarded with my kid’s names, I don’t like to display it too often.

Purchase it here! 

Mama Bear Necklace

I love the way this piece is so customizable.  If you aren’t into the style with the name on a long-bar that’s totally cool! Keli is so flexible and easy to work with. She can customize it however you wish!

If I were to order this piece, I think I’d just put the Mama Bear plate with the birthstones of my girls. – What would you do?

Order the piece here.

Mom’s Who Love Fitness!

We all want to stay healthy and be the best version of ourselves. – Right? So let’s treat the moms in our lives to some brand new fitness gear! If you saw my instastories the other day, you saw I had to throw away my sneakers. It was pretty sad, those shoes carried me through the zoo, half marathons, and life during my third pregnancy. If my shoes were worn out, I’m sure the mom in your life could use another pair.

New Shoes!

Fitness Watch

Another item I’d love to have is a new Fitbit. One that would be more useful for all types of fitness. I’ve got my eye on this one, but haven’t seen enough reviews to commit to purchasing it.

Fitness Clothing

Here are a couple of my favorite fitness clothing items.

This visor is so comfortable, and I have used it for all my outdoor running. Trips to the park, the beach, and zoo. I find it to be a staple in my wardrobe.

These shorts by under armor are awesome! I’ve worn them for years, and they are the most comfortable pair of shorts I have ever run in. They are great for running while pregnant, or with your new postpartum belly.

Mom’s who love Disney

The Disney Store has been releasing some ADORABLE things and I am totally geeking out!

What are you going to buy for your mom?

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