My Pixar Rankings!

Father’s Day Weekend 2015, my husband and I went on a double date with some friends and saw Inside Out.  It was so wonderful to get away for a few hours with some friends, but obviously it got the conversation going. You know… what  is the BEST Pixar movie ever?!?!

My husband read several lists, and rankings, and tweets, etc, etc, etc… I will be honest, I didn’t read any – I just let him tell me all about them. After a few weeks of conversing about our favorite pixar movies, my husband decided that we couldn’t properly rate the Pixar Movies because we hadn’t seen A Bugs Life since it came out in the 90’s.

So naturally – we ordered it off Amazon.

Sunday afternoon we watched it, and then my husband went to work on his rating scale.

His scale had four categories:
1. The Story
2. The Characters
3. The Feels
4. The Originality

So here we go, my Pixar Ranking!

I was surprised, that Toy Story 3, Up & Inside out were all tied for my top Pixar movie because I love them for different reasons. But, there you have it!

If you are interested in taking the survey my husband designed I’ve linked it below!
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