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Baby Wearing at Disney, the best way to be Stroller Free!

Stroller Free at Disney?

Yes, my family of 5 has spent many days and nights at Walt Disney World without the stroller. There are perks to having the stroller but after so many trips of feeling overcrowded and frustrated with pushing the stroller through Main Street USA,  we’ve on more than one occasion ditched the stroller and been so much happier.

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Monorail to the Magic Kingdom.

How to be Stroller Free with Three Kids (3 and under) 

 1. Pack lightly!

If you have young children in diapers, there is no way around the need for a certain amount of diapers and snacks, here is what I tend to pack in my backpack.
  • Diapers
  • Multiple Types of Snacks
  • 2 Servings of Milk
    • always saving one for them to drink on the way back to the hotel or car
  • Extra set of clothing

*Updated packing list April 2017*

2. Baby Wearing!

The quickest way to get from place to place in the parks is by babywearing.  Our favorite baby carrier for this is the Lille Baby Airflow. You can wear it six different ways, is very breathable for the Florida heat, and even has a zipper pocket for your phone and keys. – This purchase has been worth every penny for our family!

Lille Baby just partnered with Disney to make some adorable new prints. You can see all the new prints here on this post from Michele! 

3. Have a goal!

Before entering the park my husband and I like to take a few minutes to chat strategy. We go over our fast passes and decide what direction we will be going once inside the park.

This eliminates the stress of trying to “wing it” while chasing our three children. Since we are more relaxed we are able to experience the parks with our children.

4. Stay on property!

This isn’t an absolute necessity in my opinion, but it does help. Especially if you have very young children and would like to rest between morning fast passes and evening shows.

Sometimes, we just have to bring the stroller. 
For example, if we are planning a rope drop to wishes (or Happily Ever After) type of day. In situations like this, I find it best to park my stroller in the section of the park we are exploring and walk to a few rides. Grabbing the stroller only when we are moving to a new section of the park.

How about you, what are your tips for Disney with Kids?