Pregnancy Announcement: Our first Baby!

On May 21st, 2013 my Prince Charming celebrated a birthday. I was very tired the night before so I went to sleep around 8:00 p.m. When I woke up at 4:30 a.m., I waited (kind of) patiently for Prince Charming to wake up and go to breakfast with me.

We enjoyed breakfast at the local cuban cafe, and I enjoyed my last cup of cafe con leche. At this point I was suspecting I might be pregnant, but not willing to believe it. We had tried for many years, and I was ready to move on, train for my marathon and let God decide when HE wanted us to have a child. 
After breakfast we went to work for a few hours and then, … we went to lunch! So, here’s the fun part! ready?? 
I had lunch with 5-guys AT 5-guys! Yep, we celebrated a birthday lunch with some of our dear friends at one of our favorite burger joints! After lunch we went back to work, and I watched the clock… I couldn’t wait for the clock to strike 5 so we could go to CVS! 
We live VERY close to a LOT of people we know and love. These people all share a Publix and a CVS with us. 
End Pause. 
So, we arrived at CVS and snuck into the store trying our very best not to be discovered. Unfortunately… EVERY SINGLE PREGNANCY TEST WAS SOLD OUT!  So, we snuck over to Publix! 
Thankfully, we didn’t get caught. 
Right before I tested, I paused. 
I prayed that I would accept the answer no matter what. I prayed that no matter what the answer, God would be with us. 
So, … fast forward through the TMI part. 
I’m pretty sure I froze. At that moment, all I could do was remind myself “breath in, breath out”. I finally let out a yelp, or scream, or …some type of noise and burst into tears. Prince Charming ran in and asked me what the answer was.  Not able to say it outloud I handed him the test. 
We both hugged, cried and thanked God for the beautiful gift. 

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