2014 – So many transitions

2014 is a year of transition in our Storybook Life. 
Our hearts expanded in mid January when we welcomed a beautiful princess into our family. 
I transitioned from pregnancy to motherhood, and Prince Charming was an instant super dad. 
On Tuesday our Princess will be 3 months old, so the next transition for us will be moving from bassinet in our room to the crib (a.k.a. Big girl bed) in her room. 
Here are 4 things I’ve been doing to help transition baby girl to her room. 
1. Tummy time!
All tummy time is done in her room. I’ve moved all her toys into her room, (re-claimed my living room) and we just have a fun time exercising our muscles and playing with toys. 
2. Diaper changes. 
I’ve moved all of the diaper changes to her room. 
3. Feedings. 
I’ve started feeding her more in her room. Associating comfort with her new space. 
4. A.m. Nap 
I’ve been successful a few times with getting her to take a long nap (30-45 min). I stay in her room and fold clothes, or rest for a few minutes while she sleeps. I think it gives me piece of mind to be in the same space, and also I love watching her wake up from her morning nap – seriously, check out these smiles! 
Anyway, we are still transitioning and the process isn’t fast, but we are moving in the right direction. 
Question: when did you transition your child into the nursery? Any tips? 
P.s. Afternoon naps (if she naps) look more like this, and I really don’t mind one bit! 

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