Trimester Two: Fitness Recap

Hello my friends, 

Can you believe we are in the last trimester for this pregnancy? I’m not sure where the time went, but it went! 
So, let’s recap my trimester 2 fitness! 
In trimester 1 I was much more scheduled with my workouts. However, when trimester 2 rolled around we were in the midst of working towards finalizing the purchase of our condo and the final preparations for our week volunteering at a children’s camp for a week. So, my fitness routine slipped away. 

I did keep up with exercise a few times a week and did activities such as:
– walking 
– squats 
– swimming 
– chasing my two girls ( 2 & 1)
– going to the zoo 
– going to Disney
Although I have gained the most during this pregnancy, I’ve still only gained 8 pounds total and am well within the weight gain goals my doctor and I discussed at the beginning of this pregnancy. 
It’s hard for me to see the scale numbers rise, mostly because from 2012 – 2013 (pre-pregnancy with baby number 1) I worked so hard to get my health in order and lost around 70 pounds! 
Each pregnancy is a journey, and I’m thankful for the gift of life growing inside my belly and little girl, YOU are worth every ounce of weight, every swollen ankle, every discomfort because YOU are a treasure! 
Question of the day: what are your favorite ways to sneak exercise into a busy day? 

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