Budget-Friendly RunDisney Costume: Three Good Fairies!

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On Saturday we ran the first part of the Glass Slipper Challenge at Walt Disney World. I plan to do a full re-cap of the race with pictures, but I’m still waiting on a few things before that so in the meantime, here are our costumes!

I ran with my two sisters, and we decided to be the fairies from Sleeping Beauty. My younger sister was SO excited about this, because her all-time favorite Princess is Aurora.

We got a lot of compliments on our costumes, and had a lot of fun during the race.

Costume Pieces 

My costume:

I already owned the pink skirt, shorts and shirt so really the only money I spent on this costume was the wings for the three of us. So, if you already have basic colored clothing it is pretty easy to make an adorable costume for just a few dollars and a trip to the Dollar Tree!

The question of the day: Do you run in costume?


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