3 Reasons to Love RunDisney Kids Races

I’m so excited to share about the 2016 WDW Kids Races!! This was my 2-year-old’s third time running in the Kids Races, and my 8-month-old’s FIRST time.

We left our home bright and early and headed over to the Expo and Kids Races. I just love the energy during Marathon weekend, I love seeing everyone proudly displaying their medals, and wearing their “I did it” shirts.

It’s so hard to attend Marathon Weekend without getting inspired by the amazing stories.

We picked up our packet, and the shirt this year was ADORABLE! It was white with Steamboat Willie and vintage Mickey.  I have to give a HUGE shout out to the voluntEAR helping me with my girl’s packets this year. I was a little annoying and couldn’t make up my mind if I’d gotten the right size shirts for my girls and she was just so kind and helpful. I apologized for being annoying and she laughed and said it wasn’t annoying to make sure your kid has the right size shirt, which of course made me feel so much better.

After recieving our bibs, we headed out to the Kids Races for some fun!

PRO TIP: You can pick your bib up for the kids races, the day of. Packet pick up is on your way to the field!

2016 Kids Races 

2016 Kids Races 

Little Lady’s group went first. It was adorable to see all the little 1-3-year-olds running the 100-yard dash. My husband ran with her and I waited near the finish line with the family (both sides of grandparents, aunties, uncle, and cousin).  After her dash, we had to wait about an hour before our love bug was able to participate in her Diaper Dash, but with the DJ going the time passes pretty quickly!

The mat for the Diaper dash was pretty far from the spectators this year, so I wanted to be in the last heat of babies to crawl.  This would help our family to have a better opportunity to see her race. It turned out to be the best decision ever because it was just our little bug and one other baby crawling with Mickey Mouse
ChEARing on our love bug

2016 Kids Races 
Me with my Minnie Me.

Jimenez 4 
I absolutely LOVE participating in the kid’s races and here are 3 reasons why. 
1. FUN Fitness – As parents, it is important to model healthy living for our children. RunDisney is SO much fun for adults, and the Kids Races give our children the opportunity to experience a FUN Fitness event from a very young age. 
2. Dress Up! – Who doesn’t love dressing up and being active with their family? For my oldest daughters first RunDisney race, we all dressed up as Tigger, Piglet, and Pooh. This year, I dressed up as Minnie to match my Minnie Me and put on a Tigger bow to match my youngest.

2014 – Tower of Terror Kids Races 

2014 Tower of Terror Kids Races 

3. It’s a DEAL!  – Seriously! The Kids Races are less than *20.00 and for that money you get;

  • Race bib with your kid’s name
  • Snacks after the race
  • A Cotton Tee
  • Medal 
  • A Chance to see a Disney Pal 
  • DJ playing music throughout the event
UPDATE: The prices have increased to $25.00 as of 2018.

We always sign our girls up for the kid’s races, and they play with their medals pretty much every day. I love seeing my girls enjoy running, and look forward to running 5K’s and other distances with them as they get older. 
The question of the day: Who would you dress up as with your family if you participated in a RunDisney race together? 

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