Welcome Baby # 3!

Just a short post to welcome Baby Risa to our family! 

I will give a more detailed update on the days leading up to her birth, how we prepared and her birth story once we are home and settled. 
But for now, I thought I’d share her name and the meaning behind it. 


Risa Belle
Risa is pronounced like Lisa only with an R and Belle. 
Risa is the Spanish word for “smile” or “laughter” and for all you Disney fans out there, you know it’s no wonder that her name means beauty…

So, Laughter Beautiful or Beautiful Laughter. 
We are so excited to have her here with us, safe and sound and look forward to sharing more of her story soon. 
For now, we appreciate all the kind words, texts, hugs and prayers for our family. 
Little lady, obsessed with “Dede Risa” and her tiny feet. (Also, she thinks my dress is so pretty!)

Love bug is not impressed with mommys dress, or hospital room… Looking forward to being home and bonding there. 

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