Review: Bokos Sandals

This is a Sponsored Post, all opinions are my own

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to review a pair of sandals. Being a shoe-lover I was SUPER excited for the opportunity.

The Bokos Story! 
From the Website. 


My Bokos Story! 

When you read my blog you can be sure of one thing. No matter if the post is sponsored, or just a post about my goals you will find that I provide my honest opinion. My honest opinion of the look of the shoes? … well, It was a little masculine, and not exactly “cute”.  But, I slipped them on and …
Hello New Favorite Sandals.  

Yep. My entire perspective changed. These aren’t shoes for “looking cute”, these are shoes for the more sporty aspect of your life. 

I wore my Bokos all over the house, walking outside, canoeing, and even took them to a run. Prior to the run, I was really happy with the shoes. They were so comfortable, and I loved how my feet didn’t slip and slide around while being drug around the neighborhood by my two dogs, or canoeing.  I was completely sold on the shoes when I traveled from Miami to Key West for a 10K relay. 

We left our house early in the morning, and I really wasn’t ready to put on my sneakers. So, I put on my trusty compression socks and slipped on my Bokos Sandals. When we arrived at the run, we were a little early so we went for a little walk on the beach. I’m usually a flip flop kind of girl for the beach – but honestly I get SO annoyed because they flip and flop sand all over the place. Not my Bokos! I hardly had any sand to wipe off my feet prior to putting on my shoes! – It was fabulous! 
We ran the race, and then I quickly changed from my Nike’s back into my Bokos. The moment I realized that I wanted to put the sandals back on was the moment I knew I was hooked. I can get over the fact that they aren’t exactly “cute” because they are so functional and practical for sporting events, the beach and general life activities!

If you don’t want to take my word for it, go ahead and check out what the website has too say! 
Why Bokos? 

Again, I do not recommend these sandals for going out on a date, or any place you’d need to wear fancy shoes. But, I do recommend these shoes for runners, swimmers, triathletes, soccer players, football players or people who enjoy the beach or camping. These are very functional, comfortable and affordable sandals!

Question: What are the characteristics of your favorite sandals?

*This is a sponsored post. I received one free pair of Bokos shoes in exchange for this post. Although this post is sponsored, the opinions are my very own.*

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