Sweet Potato Lentils

Do you LOVE Lentils? 

Growing up, I’m sure I never finished a bowl of lentils or requested them like my kids do (sorry mom).  To be honest, if it weren’t for the recommendation of my pediatrician and mother in law I probably would have never considered making them for myself OR my children! 

With its low in fat, high in protein, iron and fiber properties, this little legume packs a serious health punch for you and your little one. Not only is it super healthy for you, a small bag at the grocery store costs about $1.50, and will last your family for several meals! 

*When did/do I introduce Lentils to my Children? 
Around 7-9 months, I begin introducing Beans and other proteins to my children. I follow the recommendation of my pediatrician and do it very slowly.  So far, all three of my children have been EXCELLENT eaters (as babies…)

*always talk with your personal pediatrician about when and 
how to best introduce new foods to your little ones*

Lentils are one of the few legumes that you don’t have to soak overnight before making – so not only is this a great budget friendly meal it’s also quick! 

Sweet Potato Lentils
  1. Lentils
  2. Sweet Potato
  3. Carrots
If you are making this for your family and not only  for baby food add some seasonings like Salt, Pepper and Onions. 

Cooking Instructions:
  1. Rinse Lentils
  2. Fill Pot with plenty of water to cover the lentils
  3. Add Sliced / Peeled Sweet Potato
  4. Add Sliced / Peeled Carrots  
  5. Bring to a Boil and let Simmer for about 45 minutes
  6. Enjoy

When making this dish for my baby, I like to blend it in my food processor. It gives a nice smooth consistency and the sweet potato gives it a nice creamy texture. The color isn’t all that pretty, but the flavor is amazing!

This dish is also great for the whole family, you can either serve with some of your favorite rice as a meatless meal, or cook up some pork chops to serve. 

Lentils have become a family favorite in our home, and I hope they will become a family favorite in yours too! 

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