Run Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend – 10K Recap

Happy Wednesday friends!!

We are still working our way through my Princess half weekend recaps and today I am so excited to actually talk about the running.

I was pretty excited about the 10K mostly because we my sisters and I had pretty epic costumes, and it was the first RunDisney race for both of them! (See about our costumes here)

My husband arrived to Disney around 9:30 on Friday night and took over baby holding duty. The girls and I arrived on Thursday so I could be there for packet pick up and the kids races on Friday. As a result, our girls were missing Daddy and were both quite clingy.

Once both girls were sound asleep, I finally got my chance to go to sleep. I continued to wake up every hour until 1:00 a.m.. At 1:00 a.m., my husband was looking around the kitchen area, because the poor guy was starving. He didn’t eat dinner, he opted to just drive straight from work to Disney and only had a cup of coffee and a granola bar.

So, at 1:00 I just got up with him.

I took my sweet time getting my hair fixed, and putting on make-up, putting my wings on just trying to get my nerves in check. I have run several races, many of them at Disney – why do I still get super nervous EVERY time?

I was on the first bus over to the race, and quickly got in line to meet some princesses!  Since we were dressed as the Three Good Fairies, I knew we needed to get a picture with Aurora!

After our picture we headed over to our corral and waited for our turn to start.  When we finally got going my younger sister TOOK OFF! She was SO excited that she just went. I’m more of a slow and steady, run-walk-run type of girl so I just stuck to the interval we’d agreed on (2/1) and let them go their own thing.

The 10k seemed to fly by. Honestly, it was so much fun. I think it might be my favorite race distance to run at Disney.

After the race we stretched and headed back to our rooms to take a nap and then head out to Magic Kingdom (More on that in another post).

Question of the day: What is your favorite race distance?

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