Zoo Miami, Florida: Mission Everglades

Raise your hand if you LOVE the Zoo? 
Our family LOVES the Zoo and has been members of the Zoo Miami off and on since the year 2009, and now we are sharing our love for the Zoo with our three children.

At the Grand Opening! 

In late 2016, Zoo Miami opened their newest exhibit Florida: Mission Everglades and it is stunning! This exhibit brings families as close as you can safely get to the animals and creates some of the most exciting experiences. Where else can you slide through an Otters tank, crawl under a crocodile and feel like you are inside a bear cave all in one exhibit? 

Inside the Everglades Exhibit, there are a few must-do activities:
  • Slide down the otter slide!
The Otters are so playful and fun, we’ve spent a lot of time going down the slide and playing with the otters. Sometimes they will even follow you back and forth along the glass so be sure to spend some time interacting with the Otters. 
  • Crawl through the Crocodile Tank
  • This is is SO much fun, we’ve gotten up close with the crocodile a few times with this activity! 

  • Go see the Bears 
Go visit the Bears and crawl inside their habitat! Parents, don’t be afraid to crawl inside the little cave with your children, the roof slants up and adults can stand all the way up in the back corner and be with their children as the hunt for bears. 
  • Walk Across an Aligator Tank on a Rope
  • Ride an Airboat! 
    • For $5.00 per person, guests can ride an airboat through the exhibit. 
  • Play on the playground! 
There are so many things to do in the Everglades Exhibit, you will want to budget a lot of time into exploring this Exhibit.  
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In February 20017, Zoo Miami hosted a Grand Opening for the Florida: Mission Everglades exhibit and our family had the best time! At the event, we had a chance to meet the newest member of the Zoo Squad, Ellie the Crocodile.  We vlogged the experience, so be sure to check our Youtube Channel to see the event. 

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